Just a dream
Just a dream


It was one day when I was looking for something in the drawer, I found a very strange piece of paper written on it (Darmaj Salt). I came to read it and found myself in a strange place like this. I had a dream that I dreamed of a long time ago that I was looking for a job and I was accepted and there were problems like this, so I got work and the problem is that this happened Just because I read this word, I found myself not knowing how to get out of the place, and no matter how I scream, no one hears me, and I found a strange person like this, who seems to be afraid, and speaks in such a terrifying voice, and tells me what is wrong with me. Maan did not want this dream to end, so I knocked on this door again. I found it opened, thank God.

but what is (Darmaj) (salt also) a strange thing happened and I found myself in a strange place for a woman I loved, she was exploited and greedy, and almost left me Very poor so I came out this time from the door, I found this same terrifying man, and this time he looked more terrifying, and he said You don't deserve this chance, and he ran after me this time to take the paper the spell was on and lock me up.in this weird dream forever. I found a door, but this time it was only one door, which means one chance. Read the word, if it came out wrong, I blinked in a smile, but

This time, it is possible that I will not return again because there was only one door left, but the one that is supposed to be the door of the room, which I just opened, and suddenly I found a word written on my hands and in every part of the room, but its name is just (a dream that I came to see as just a dream)

But this time, I didn't find myself in my normal job, but by making more efforts, but despite the fact that I liked this job in the first place, I succeeded in it. The idea is that you don't take what you want, God gives you what you deserve, and soon I knew what dream I was supposed to dream, and I woke up and was looking for a piece of paper I was lost at work, and I found a piece of paper written on it, “Darmaj is salt.” Oh, my God, I mean, it’s not a dream. No what happened impossible it's not a dream where is this paper? . End: Done #dalia #shortstories
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