The Unspoken Love of Tanu
In a bustling university town, Tanu, a bright and compassionate young girl, found herself captivated by the enigmatic charm of boy, a fellow student known for his intellect and kindness. As they crossed paths in the corridors of their college, Tanu couldn't help but feel her heart flutter at the mere sight of him. She had many issues like weak eyesight, border personality disorder and she was physically challenged.

Their friendship blossomed effortlessly, fueled by shared interests and late-night conversations about literature, science, and life's mysteries. But as their bond deepened, Tanu realized that their love could never bloom into a romantic relationship. He came from a conservative family, bound by traditions and obligations that would never permit him to marry a physically handicapped girl with so many problems.

Though Tanu's heart ached with the realization, she couldn't deny the depth of her feelings for him . Every moment spent with him felt like a treasure, yet it was tinged with the bitter knowledge that their love could never be fully realized.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Tanu found herself consumed by a haunting fear - the fear of losing him forever. She couldn't bear the thought of a future without him by her side. Her love for him grew into an all-encompassing obsession, overshadowing her studies and friendships.

He, oblivious to Tanu's inner turmoil, remained steadfast in their friendship, unaware of the storm raging within her. He valued her companionship and cherished their bond, but he was oblivious to the depths of her affection for him.

Unable to contain her emotions any longer, Tanu texted her heart out in a message, confessing her love for him and the agony of knowing they could never be together. With trembling hands, she sent the message ,her heart racing with anticipation and dread.

Days passed with no response from him, and Tanu's anxiety reached its peak. Consumed by despair, she began to withdraw from the world around her, her once vibrant spirit dimming with each passing day.

Then, one evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and the campus fell silent,he appeared at Tanu's doorstep, a solemn expression on his face. With tears in his eyes, he took her hands in his and confessed that he had read her letter.

In that moment, surrounded by the echoes of their unspoken words, Tanu and he found solace in each other's arms. Though their love could never be sanctioned by society, they vowed to cherish every precious moment they shared together, defying the constraints of tradition and expectation.

As they embraced beneath the starlit sky, Tanu knew that their love was a force greater than any obstacle they faced. For in each other's embrace, they found a love that was pure, unconditional, and everlasting. And though their journey would be fraught with challenges, they would face them together, bound by the unbreakable bond of their love.
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