Cultivated Afection

Cultivating Affection.
Lacking desire to be one doing what is expected. routines, and appearance, her attitude, is anticipated by those with everything that the covet acquired without care for such priceless treasure. Ignorantly in denial living life without knowing how to cherish weightless Pockets empty of coveted trophies.

As beautiful as she is, curves compared only to river bends inside with smooth stones. adorn to delight. Always a red dress is worn when called upon as a night reminder that she's such a rare sight, eristable and confident. words of hollow affection full of empty meaning go unheard.

Eyes locked together, emotions are put away, at least the best they are safely guarded by walls built of self conscious thoughts. Such effort forces the need to pretend. Always on alert he isn't aware of all the forces a woman as powerful as she comes to bare. Only have I respect that she is one of a kind never to be created the same again. developing insecurities that hold back unclouded acceptance for those she knows. There clearly is no integrity within known people. She knows that next person, she can not trust no matter what.

This is the truth of a person who has so much pain dealt by the weaponizes negativity used to attack, hurt, control, and destroy this strong celestial constant. Who weakened pushing and pulling forces. Still the walls have no gatekeeper. Un waiving never faulting these walls will remain. In her eyes this is what I see, this is why I adore her so.

Her smile is precious and true. When I'm next to her. still she can't bear it. This is when my walls of forced laughter begin to resonate. Laughing at me for that smile is what I want to see. Laugh at what's odd for me. Nervous I make other people smile inside, scared and nervous. My smile has always been a facade. Until I smiled with just a look. This is all it took, that natural unhindered display of white ivories set in, an open piano who's keys have finally been tickled. Such an enchanted melody can only be seen and heard when the pianist is ready to play what tune the piano choses to give unto me. Never again will chopsticks be so seductive with a chorus of laughter, sitting in the bright spot light of daunting dark eyes. There I would stare, there I would gain, there I would lose, there I would have what I want, within her. Eyes that will show me the portal to an unknown fantasy.

Only to tread in water after willingly accepting the once in a life chance to embark on this tirelessly rewarding adventure with her. Lurking all around, unpredictable terrain seeded by jagged insecurities. Dedicated forward still, I traverse without hesitation. Venture aimlessly, I will sail till the void of fate swallows me whole. I can not drown, you long since claimed my breath as your prize captured by her lips. Wide is the ocean, long is my voyage. Supplied with nothing except this will to discover our mutual desires. Determined to prove words spoken, never said without being acted upon.

Though set as known, between us and the sheets. Neither one will forget to prioritize the person inside first. There is an unexpected attraction to her. not perfect, yet a perfect piece of art in my eyes worthy to boost my affection for loudly and enthusiastically. Such grace has never held my fullest sight of what is always endless attraction regularly ,drawn focused my sight, primed to fulfill this craving. Then she appeared waving. Draped over bare shoulders, damp from her want to impress and make it right. Still timid, she and I constantly discover a new found attached attention to every curve shown as unrefined purity. Unpredictable that such an unbelievably untarnished goddess chose to appear before me. With bewilderment, I stare in compromising awe. She adores me, why? She has me under a spell, bewitched by connected sight. She knows that there is no trust falling. We both have chosen to be the tree expected to be the next felled. Carving with outstretched limbs through wild wind. Brought to the precipice of destiny, still we have survived with learned instincts to grow ever higher. Once on the ground, now always upward towards the sky. This is where we stand, branches reaching for the sun. Too long have we grown with seedlings in the ground. Now only to see them try to sprout once more. She is more a friend than an uncategorized interest. I Realized she is more, yet will not block my sun nor I block hers for when the cold night arises we will stay warm without a fire on the ground.