Forest queen
There is a beautiful forest in a village. It is full of nature's and medicinal herbs and strong root trees.

Many people are living in the forest. In the village, there was a man named ​Azrael. He was a businessman in the village.

He cut the trees and sell them to build houses. He sent his guards to cut the trees.

But the people in the village did not allow them to cut so many trees. He killed the people who were stopping them.

Because of this, so many people were getting down from the forest. A little family is living in the forest. In the area which covers full of herbal plants and sandalwood trees.

There is a beautiful girl in a family. she is a natural love girl. she married a man from a good family. They don't know where she comes from. Because for their son they agreed. Life goes well. They got a baby.

'she is like a god-sent baby'.so beautiful. She was born in a night with heavy rain. After she was born the rain has stopped. In the moonlight. She looks like an angel.

They think of a name for her. Her name is Angelica. Her mother calls her amu sometimes.

The living well. Angelica well never very cool. She likes to stay in the water more times.

Years passed.

Her grandma and grandpa are dead.

Angelica is aged 18. Before four day for her 19th birthday. She and her mother bathed in a pond.

Angelica saw some people cutting trees. She told her mother.

Angelica: Mom some people are cutting trees.

Mom: Go and hide behind the tree.

Angelica hides behind a big tree. Her father came at the time. They fought with the people and they are gone.

She saw that her father and mother had a little conversation. But she didn't ask what did you speak.

On the very special night. Angelica 19th has three days to go for her birthday. They are about to celebrate that at the time, because her birth day is at new year so they won't forget about her, whenever they pick is for her birthday, but suddenly some people enter into their house violently. one person shouts.

Killer: Kill them all...and take the girl.

To be continued.....
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