The Eye Of The Tiger-3
When they reached the castle Victoria was stunned,it was bigger than her dad's extravagant castle.There was a beautiful garden of various flowers including lilies,daffodils,red,white,pink and yellow roses, dandelions and her favourite flowers,lavenders.It even contained some flowers she hadn't seen her entire life.
Victoria took out her camera out to take a shot of the serene environment.She loved taking pics.Her sister bought the camera for her when she realised Victoria was always mimicing the actions of those behind the camera.Victoria told her sister about her dream of becoming a photographer.
'Now I'll never be a photographer especially now that I am married to a king',Victoria thought sadly.Liam asked some of his maids to show her to their room.On their way to the room, Jie saw some strange paintings on the wall that seemed to be telling a story.She chose to ignore it for now and ask Liam about it later.
After climbing a ton of stairs they reached the room.The room was beautiful and more spacious than her previous room.This room was five times her room back at her father's castle.In the center of the room was a
king-sized bed with roses on it and the only source of light was a few lit candles and the moon which shone brightly in the sky.
'What roses!?'Victoria forgot they will have their weeding night.Remembering this she quickly wore her night gown and went to bed to avoid the weeding consummation.
Lying on the bed,she heard the door open and someone enter.From the scent,she knew it was Liam but she still laid unmoving hoping he wouldn't force her into consummating the wedding.She was relieved when he just slipped into the bedsheet without touching her.
By dawn,she felt hot breath against her neck and someone holding her waist to his chest."How dare he",she muttered to herself.'But at least it is better than he consummating the wedding' she thought and went back to sleep.
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