a short story about fear and anxiety
Sam was always a very anxious child this was due to the horrible upbringing he had seeing his parents arguing and shouting had it's toll on him. He was always afraid of things that were irrational and he always had a hard time controlling his emotions. This caused him to have a lot of difficulty in school and made it hard for him to make friends. As he would get angry and shout very often and have fights at school. As he got older, his anxiety only got worse. He was always afraid of something happening to him or his loved ones and he always had a hard time sleeping. He would often lie in bed for hours, tossing and turning, as he tried to get to sleep. He was always worried about the future and he always felt like he was in danger. He knew that his fear and anxiety were affecting his life, but he couldn't seem to control them. He felt like he was trapped in a cycle of fear and anxiety and he didn't know how to break free. Hence the reason why Sam was always alone and he couldn't maintene a relationship and even harder being a father to his kids.
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