Who She Was

She was a bright young lady, very creative, imaginative, and inquisitive.
From the 1st day that she could understand, and comprehend, her environment, and communicate she was learning soaking up life. She would ask question after question going from one person in her family to another. Her questions though were deep, and left nowhere to hide from the truth. Now this was nothing that she did on purpose; her brain just processed that way. She called a chicken a chicken, and a blue sky a blue sky. There was no in-between with this intelligent child. After a time the people in her life started to judge her, and tell her that she asked way too many questions. They didn't want to hear her analysis of the situation that she'd onsorbed . They didn't want to once again answer a hard question and in turn question their own beliefs. The girl processed the world around her way to black and white for them. The young girl did not stop there. She grew mind, and body. She was determined to understand this place called earth, home. She went to school, and found that she could learn lots of things, she could read books, and have things broken down for her to understand, although she ran into the same problem in school. From start to finish no matter how much she learned she was eager to learn more. She had a thirst for knowledge. She had become a very deep, and knowledgeable individual as she grew from school age to college. She met people, gained friends, some stayed , and some not, but she still did not give up on learning. She had remembered the words that one of her teachers had told her. There are no stupid, or crazy questions. It's up to the receiving individual to ask or decline. She held onto those words like it was her last meal. Achievements after achievements she blasted through college, and started a career as an artist. Here she felt free, she could express herself. The paper, and paint seemed to understand her as she stroked her art onto her canvas creating beautiful images filled with meanings, expression. She had found her place in the world, she interacted with people from time to time, but she mostly indulged in the lavish life her inquisitive mind, and alone time afforded her. She was satisfied with that part of her life, but still she had more understandings to explore. So she decided that in-between art, and creativity that she would travel the world, and learn. She found that going to new places and asking questions got way better results, than relying on those closest to her. Through her travels, and adventures she found spirituality. This was something new to her, but it just made life make sense. All of the questions that she had throughout life that no one could seem to answer were right in front of her. Even her deepest darkest conflicts with the world were set straight. She had found her resting place. A place of no judgment, or lack of patience. She studied to no end, and became a very wise, and spiritual woman. It was funny to her because, as she aged, She became an avenue that led to knowledge. Lost and broken souls now came to her to get help with this place called earth. Home. Through this journey in her life, and her willingness to not give up she realized that people don't like hard questions because it does make them look on the inside. She learned that she was placed here even from birth to wake the world.

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