The Thea and Clyde Story

-I am running through the hallway because I woke up so late.
As I was running,I accidentally bumped into someone, I didn't say sorry or even looked up on him or her I just kept running until I arrive at our classroom. Thankfully I'm only 2 minutes late, I went to my chair and they started the lesson.

After a few subjects, it's time for our recess. Me and my friend Lia was sitting at the canteen, I was listening to her rants not until a boy caught my attention. Black hair, tall I mean like, litteraly so handsome. He caught me staring at him so I looked away, pretending I didn't looked at him, Lia noticed it and she kept teasing me.

"Gurl go ahead and get him, btw his name is Clyde" she said and I just looked at her with a weird face "I didn't asked for his name and duh... I don't even liked him" I just replied eve tho I had a huge crush on him to be honest.

Weeks paased by, still the same I still liked him of course I told that to Lia cause she's my best friend and I trust her. Jk she just kept asking so I don't have a choice but to tell her.

I don't know if he really likes me because he always gives me this mix signals, he always smiled at me, follows me on social media, always waving at me, like everytime when I looked at him I just got mesmerized by how handsome and perfect he was. But he will never be mine I guess...

After a few months our finals is coming so I was busy reviewing, while I'm reviewing, my phone made a sound. So I looked at it and saw a message, when I opened it, it's from Clyde, I blushed a bit because I didn't expect that he would messege me, so I opened the chat.

Clyde:I want to tell you something really important...

Thea: Sure feel free to say, what is it?

Clyde: I just want to say that, I liked you, ever since I saw you at the canteen I felt something, so I thought it's just my feelings until a days passed by I realize that I really liked you.. no, i loved you. It's fine if you don't feel the same.

I froze for a moment and found myself smiling looking weird, I wanted to scream. I couldn't believe that all this time, he also liked me? I quickly replied.

Thea: No actually... I also liked you, I just pretended because I'm ashamed that you don't liked me back...

Clyde: Really? Then let's hangout tomorrow at the park after school.

Thea: Im in!

After a few days,week of dating I agreed to be his girlfriend at our graduation he even said that he is the boy that I accidentally bumped into when I was late.

We are so happy, we hangout, we laughed, we travelled, we we're inseparable. I mean like everything was so perfect. But happiness didn't last that long.

I was driving home because Lia and I went to the mall btw Lia is now a Flight Attendant, so amazing right? She had a perfect life that she's living right now. I was driving when someone caught me off guard. It's Clyde with a girl? I called him and he answered. I asked "Where are you right now?"

"Im at the office, in a meeting" He replied.

I took a picture of them while holding my tears, and anger at the same time. He lied.. He said he's in the office but the truth was he was hanging out with another I drived home quickly, I opened my phone and chatted Lia the only one I can talk to. I explained her everything and sended the picture I took. Her reply broke my heart into pieces.

Lia: Girl, it's his ex...Jasmine

That's when I looked closely at the picture. Jasmine.... she's my ex best friend that betrayed me and Clyde knows the whole story about what she did to me, without evem a glimp of an eye I saw both of them, hugging.
I just burst out crying cause I can't hold the pain anymore, Lia tried to comfort me but that didn't do anything. I loved him with my whole heart, and this is what his gonna do? I can't believe him! Because of sadness and anger I couldn't control it anymore..

I lefted a note at the table where he can easily see it.
I leaved this country to live a peaceful life and to forget about him....I know this is selfish but I can't stand the pain that I feel, it's so heavy, he said he loves me but he cheated and the worst, that girl is the person that I really hate. I don't want to hear his explanation cause Im sure that he will deny it.. I also informed my friend Lia and my family that Im leaving, at first they refuse to let me go but in the end they don't have a choice but to agree.

CLYDE POV: When I arrive, I called Thea's name but she didn't answer I was looking around and I saw a note I read it carefully, My tears are falling apart as i read every sentence of the note.....She left...
She left me... I tried to contact her but she blocked me.. I don't know what to do.

-6 Years Later-

After all those year's I can finally go back to this country without any pain anymore.
I already let go of the memories I made with my ex boyfriend.. Clyde. I am living a happy life now, moved on from what happened and lived with my dreams.

"Girll!!! I missed you so muchhh!!!" Lia shouted as I walked over the garden of our house, my family are there waiting for me.

"Sorry I didn't missed you"
I replied with a sarcastic tone. She just rolled her eyes and said

"But did you miss him?"

I just sighted,
"No I don't and besides I don't love him anymore, Im engaged with Nero now he's my happiness, my everything."

"Yeah² whatever let's just go inside"

We just both laughed as we walk inside our house. Staying here again was super memorable especially when Im with my family, we went to different places, outing, restaurants.

But when I only have 2 days before my flight, yes Im going back to States again. I just wanted to be with myself so i went to the beach, I arrive there real quick until I realized that this is the place where Clyde and I used to hangout our favorite place...

I was sitting by the seaside when I heard a familiar voice

"Why sitting here all alone?"
I looked up and it's... Clyde he Really change and honest opinion he looked more handsome. Wait remove² what am I thinking.

"What are you doing here" I said coldly.

"Visiting our favorite place of course. It's been a years."

I just laughed with annoyance
"Seriously? Visiting?"

"Yeah" He just said while looking up at the sunset.

"After what you did, you still have the face to say that?"

"You didn't even let me explain"

"What's the point of explaining if you will only tell a lies" saying that I stand up but he caught my hand

"Just let me explain for once"

"Fine" I just said and rolled my eyes

"That moment when you saw me with Jasmine I was just asking about an amazing set up cause she was the popular designer at our country, and btw she's my third cousin, she's already engaged. I didn't tell you earlier because I don't want you to be upset with me knowing that your biggest enemy was my cousin I lied about the meeting cause I want this to be a surprise..."

"What do you mean by surprise?" I asked curiously

"I wanted to propose to you..."

Those sentence keeps repeating on my mind. I felt so bad, regrets and madness at the same time. After that, the silents wave between us, but I breaked it.

"Sorry for not hearing your side"
I said while my voice we're cracking. I don't even know what to say.

"No worries it's fine as long as you are with me Im contented. We can start all over again"

I just lowered my head.
"No Clyde.. Im sorry but I'm already in love with someone else.."

He looked so shock, I can see the sadness in his eyes.
"And that someone will never be me? Right?"

I just nodded. "Both of us are engaged, sorry again but I don't have a feelings for you anymore it all faded away. I already moved on and I hope you are too..."

He smiled bitterly
"I can't, but I understand if that what makes you happy, go for it remember if you need me Im always here you can tell me everything, still friends?"

While giving his hands on me asking for a handshake

I just smiled.

"Of course, still friends" I replied.

"Look at the sunset" he said

I looked up... Such a beautiful sky

"Sunset really symbolizes a perfect and beautiful goodbye.. Remember this one thing. Thea, you are my first and my last I will love you until the very end, even tho you loved someone else, Im still here waiting for you and loving you from afar"

His words made me wanted to cry but thankfully I was able to hold it.

"So I guess this js goodbye Ms. Thea"

"Goodbye Mr. Clyde"

Both of us turned our back walking away from each other under the beautiful sunset...


I was on my way to the airport a few hours after what happened to the beach.
His words is still stuck on my mind I don't know why..

While I was thinking about that I received a phone call from my best friend Lia

"Thea!!! Clyde got into an accident we are here at the hospital!"

My phone almost fell out of my hand. I quickly get back rided a taxi on the way to the hospital.

I still don't know why I still care for him after what just happened.

As I arrive my heart is pounding I looked at them all of them we're crying. The doctor camed out

"Time of death 8:30 P.M Im sorry for your lost"

My world felt like it stopped, i almost lost my balance, what if we didn't meet at the seaside will this happen to him? I didn't realize that my tears we're falling. It's all my fault... I can't stop blaming myself for what happened to him.

Lia called me and explained what happened when she saw me crying.

"Based on the investigation they found Clyde's car near the bridge that's only a few meter's away from the seaside where you've just been, he hit his head so hard that leaded to death so maybe it happened after both of you met. But girl don't blame yourself it's an accident no one wanted that to happen"

Right... Im right it's all my fault, it won't happen if it wasn't all about me...

My flight was delayed because I couldn't think straight I still felt guilty even tho a days had already passed by. But I still manage to be strong.

Clyde had a peaceful funeral all of us we're sad and happy for him at the same time cause he can finally rest ,no problems, no pains.

A years had passed I finally got married, Lia is still single (NBSB)
Im happy with Nero we had a daughter name Lily. Both of them are my world but of course I still won't forget about Clyde I still visits his graves and thinking he was happy watching me having a good life.

Thank you Clyde for all those happy memories, from high school you stand as my motivation, Im just so dumb for not hearing you. Again Im sorry. Maybe, just maybe in another universe we will meet again. You will always have an space to my heart, my love .
For the last time "I love you"

"In life we met people and we think that they are the one that we are looking for, but no, they just arrive at our lives to have a memories with us, to give us wonderful experience. Everything has an ending whether good or bad we just need to accept that it is what it is and wait for the right person that will stay forever."



Definition of Parallel: Lines that will never meant to meet. I just based the story here.✨

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