An Unforgettable Melody: Part 2
"Alright, let me think… let’s make your last name Onyeike, and you originally come from Mkporo, in Ebonyi. If you can, see if you can develop a sweet little south eastern ascent; make e dey so slight, nothing extravagant. Let’s say you’re twenty-six. At that age, you’ll likely be working somewhere for a living. Is that enough to get you started?”

Melody closed her eyes for a few moments. “That should work perfectly. Leave the rest to me. Is that an official wish?”

Doing his best impression of Nkem Owoh, Osuofia, Kendy replied, “Make am so.”

Tingle. Flash. “All set, my Gee,” she said with a wink.

Her new accent sent chills up his spine. “Ooh, that’s sexy…”

By this time, it was nearing 5:20pm, so the pair decided to start walking towards the pool at the front of the apartment building. Stepping outside, Melody’s face became a symphony of childlike wonder. “Wow… this is incredible! I can feel the breeze, the warmth of the sun… it’s better than I ever imagined it would be.”

After finishing her unintended reenactment of the opening scene from The Sound of Music, Melody squeezed Kendy in a tight embrace. “Thank you… I really am a lucky, lucky angel. I love being your girlfriend, my Gee.”

“Remember, all life has to offer you. Not because I allow it, but because you deserve it. Period.” A couple of tender kisses later, they were headed off towards the pool.

As they leisurely walked through the complex, Kendy asked, “So, Melody Onyeike, tell me all about yourself.”

She giggled, responding, “Well, I grew up in Abuja, mostly in orphanages. My birth parents abandoned me at the door of a maternity home when I was just a baby. I tried to get adopted several times, but the system is really messed up. I also tried to stay away from foster homes, having heard way too many terrible stories about them. Thankfully, I developed an artistic talent in middle school and high school, and was able to combine that with a great essay about my childhood to attend the University of Abuja on scholarship. I have a bachelor degree in photography, and just moved here into Aba at the start of the year to try to start a new life from scratch.”

“Photography? Nice,” Kendy nodded approvingly. “Have you done many jobs?”

“Just a few odd jobs here and there, haven’t really hit my stride yet. I did create some web space to house a portfolio with samples of my work. Plenty to convince anyone that my background is legitimate.”

“Cool. So, I guess we were attracted to each other online based on our mutual artistic interests? And then, the day I saw you on the road...”

“Definitely,” Melody responded. “I also really liked the fact that you had such a strong self confidence. Having the upbringing that I did, self esteem was in seriously short supply, but talking with you about the great things it had brought you in your life convinced me that I ought to check it out. I will work on my self-confidence.”

Her face slowly turned rather serious. “That, by the way, is completely true. It’s clear to me how important your self confidence is in your life. Seeing the incredible person it’s made you into, I want to be a part of that too.”

Kendy was floored. He had no clue where beautiful, magical beings such as angels stood on philosophical matters, but he had learned long ago that, if anyone or anything expresses any interest in religion or God or true philosophy whatsoever, you find a way to nurture and encourage that feeling. Otherwise, you run the risk of pushing them completely away from the idea altogether.

He smiled. “Well you’re in luck. Tomorrow, we’ll listen to my favourite podcast. Oh, and one of my childhood friends is giving the production tomorrow, so I think you’ll enjoy that quite a bit.”

She beamed, wrapping her arm in his excitedly. “Sound’s wonderful.”

As they approached the pool area, the pair could tell that the sound system had been hooked up. Melody’s eyes widened, and a huge smile slowly appeared on her face. “What is that?”

“That, my dear girl, is country music.”

She paused momentarily, taking it all in. “I love it!”

As they entered the pool area, the party was in full swing, with both the kids and adults enjoying the sounds of Teni’s 'You Can Be Anything'. Tochi and his friends were in the pool, fully engrossed in a game of touch-n-chase. As Kendy was about to go over and say hi, a squeal came from the area by the grill.


Sopuru’s seven-year-old daughter, Sochima, ran up and tackled Kendy full force before he even knew what was going on.

“Jeesu, Sochima! You go soon turn into some kind sumo wrestler one day!” It was all Kendy could do to keep from falling completely on his back. “How are you doing, cutie? Working hard in school?”

Sochima nodded. “Yaa! I got a check plus in reading this week. Oh! And we just had our cultural day choreography dancing yesterday!”

“That’s right, your mother told me that was coming up. I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it. I had a big performance of my own yesterday.”

“That’s okay, I bet we both did great!” As she smiled, it was clear Sochima was missing a few of her teeth.

“Kendy! ‘E don reach when you go show up!” Sopuru walked over from the grill area.

“Hi, Sopuru, great party you got going here.”

“Thank you, dear. Now, forgive my being nosey, but I need to meet this pretty lady I caught a glimpse of in your apartment,” she said in a motherly tone.

Laughing, Kendy made the introductions. “Melody, this is my neighbor, Sopuru Jojo Kalu-Uduma. Sopuru, this is Melody Onyeike, my… girlfriend.” Kendy hesitated momentarily. Even with their bond, the two of them hadn’t formally decided on any titles for their relationship yet. However, his concerns were quickly alleviated.

Girlfriend. I love the sound of that, Melody thought in his head.

Sopuru extended her hand. “Melody, a pleasure to meet you, my dear.”

Shaking her hand, Melody replied, “Likewise, Mrs. Jojo Kalu-Uduma.”

“Oh, honey please! It’s Sopuru. Mrs. Kalu-Uduma just makes me feel old.”

Melody giggled. “It shouldn’t. How old are you? Thirty-two? Thirty-three?”

Stunned in flattery, she stammered, “Oh, no… thirty-eight actually.”

“What?! No way! You must be using some miracle product. What’s your secret? Come on, what?” Melody may have been a little persuasive, but Sopuru was responding very positively as they chatted.

After a few minutes, Sopuru turned to Kendy. “We’re actually just about to start the karaoke contest. Now, I happen to know for a fact that you know every last word of Tekno's 'Boys Ana-agbaka'. So I guess the only question is, how much blackmail is it going to take to get you up to that microphone?”

Melody gasped in excitement. “Kendy, you’ve got to do it!”

He tried his best to back out of it. Kendy was never one for public shaming, which is what this would be considering his singing abilities. That was, after all, the reason he got into trumpet playing. Unfortunately, Sopuru had a trump card he couldn’t beat.

“Besides, Sochima wants to show you her dance moves from yesterday’s performance. I bet the two of you would kill it up there.”

Damn, this woman doesn’t play fair!

Seeing the child’s face light up in anticipation, Kendy knew he couldn’t say no. “Fine, fine, let’s do it kid!”

They made their way up to the microphone hooked into the Public Address system, waiting for the intro to start. As the DJ cranked through the loudspeakers, Sochima’s feet turned into a blur. Sure enough, Kendy hit every last one of the tongue twisting lyrics of the song, bringing cheers from the partiers as he finished the final chorus.

Once the song ended, Sochima ran excitedly back to her mother, while Melody went to grab Kendy and herself a couple of Suya sticks. Chin-chin and soft drink for me too please, Kendy thought to her.

Sure thing. I’m getting everything we need, since it’s my first party and all.

Tochi was now out of the pool and made his way over to Kendy, greeting him with his traditional chop knuckles. “What’s up, Tochi? Happy birthday man!”

“What’s wrong with you? No present? Man, that’s just rude…” Tochi said sarcastically. “Well, I guess watching you make a damn fool of yourself up there was a pretty good gift.”

Laughing, Kendy shot back, “Watch your mouth, man. You know your mama would slap you silly if she caught you talking like that.”

“True Bro. She’s scary.” He nodded his head towards Melody. “That you’re new girlfriend?”

“Yeah, that’s her,” Kendy replied.

He chuckled. “Mom said she saw a girl when she stopped by your place earlier. If you ask me, this one’s a BIG improvement over the last one.”

Kendy cut him off quickly. “Alright, alright, first of all, you are way to young to be talking like that. Secondly, you go around comparing women to each other, none of them will ever want go out with you. Get my drift?”

“Yeah, guess that’s true. Girls, man. They got way too many rules.”

Kendy chuckled. “Some things never change.”

“Anyhow, I’m off. We’re about to start a game of Splash Master in the pool.”

“Take it easy Tochi. Stay out of trouble!”

As he ran off, Melody came over with their food. “Having fun?”

“You know it,” Kendy replied. “I’m glad Tochi and Sochima got into their private school last year. They’re both great kids, and now they can actually show it.”

“Well Sopuru’s right, they both adore you. Not hard to see why,” she said with a wink.

“So, what did you and Sopuru talk about?”

“Well, I told her how we met, where I moved from, all that stuff,” Melody said. “She loved that I have an interest in photography; said there’re tons of opportunities for good work around Aba.” Melody’s face turned more serious for a moment. “She really cares for you, you know.”

Kendy stopped chewing for a moment. “Why do you say that?”

Melody shrugged. “She made a point of asking me what my intentions are with you. She said you’ve been hurt in the past, mainly due to the fact that, when you decide to love, you love completely. She said you deserve something real, and that I needed to be on board with that.”

Kendy was dumbfounded. “She said all that? How… how did you respond?”

She smiled sweetly. “I told the truth. I told her that you’re the most incredible man I’ve ever met in my life; that in the short time I’ve known you, you’ve brought more joy and fulfillment to my life than I had ever thought possible. I promised her that I would never hurt you, and that anyone who would is either brain-dead or heartless.”

Kendy didn’t know what was more touching, Sopuru’s dedication to looking out for his best interests, or Melody’s harsh rebuke of anyone who would ever hurt him.

Just as he was afraid he might get emotionally overwhelmed, Sochima ran over to tackle him one last time. “Mr. Kendy! I have to go to bed soon, so I wanted to come say goodnight!”

“Well goodnight then, Nwa-Oma! You danced really well today.”

“Thanks,” she said with an adorable little girl giggle. “I forgot to ask earlier, who’s your new friend?” She looked shyly at Melody.

Kendy got down on his knees to Sochima’s level, motioning for Melody to do the same. “Sochima, this is Melody. She’s my girlfriend. Say hi.”

“Hi,” she said timidly. Turning back to Kendy, she whispered, “She’s really pretty, isn’t she?”

Kendy couldn’t help but beam. “I think you’re right about that.”

“So Sochima,” Melody said, “I saw you and your mom playing a hand clap game earlier. Do you think you could teach me how to play?”

The little girl’s face lit up. “Sure!”

Over the next five minutes, Sochima taught Melody all the finer points of “Uga Nkuri Aka.” All too soon, Melody was handling it like a pro. As he watched them playing, Kendy could tell what was happening. He had never expected it to happen this quickly, but he couldn’t ignore the facts.

I’m in love with this girl. No holds barred, head over heels, in love.

Only the sound of Sopuru calling her daughter for bedtime snapped him back to reality.

“I had so much fun with you today,” Melody said. “Let’s do it again soon, okay?”

“Okay. Goodnight!” Sochima ran off to her mother.

Discarding their paper plates and cups, Kendy asked, “You ready to head back?”

“Sure I am,” Melody replied.

As they strolled back in the twilight of the early evening, Melody spoke rather hesitantly. “Kendy, I have a question.”

“Of course. What’s up?. Shoot!”

“Well… it’s just that, oh god, how do I put this?”

Kendy put his arm around her shoulders. “It’s okay. I just want to know what’s on your mind. Nothing more.”

She took a deep breath. “Okay. We both know about my innate nature of being a sexual and romantic angel. We both also know that, even if I weren’t bound to you, I’d willingly choose to be with you in a heartbeat. With all of this, plus our obvious attraction to each other, I guess my question is, why haven’t you made any moves to… take things farther with me? Please know that I’m not insulted, or worried. Just curious.”

Looking directly into her eyes, he took her hands in his and began to explain.

“Melody, in today’s modern world, I believe one of the biggest mistakes people make is to have the belief that ‘sex creates intimacy.’ I believe that giving yourself completely to someone else magnifies what’s already there. If the relationship has trust, communication, and genuine love built on commitment, rather than desire, sex can only enhance that bond. However, if the relationship is built on superficial wants and desires, sex will, at best, bring nothing to the table or, at worst, cause the entire relationship to crumble.

“I’m going to be honest with you Melody. While I’m no virgin, I’ve never slept with any girl that I didn’t truly love. If I couldn’t envision myself spending the rest of my life with her, even through the worst scenarios imaginable, then I knew it wouldn’t be worth it in the end. This whole day has been one big whirlwind, and I’ve just been trying to keep up. The truth is I didn’t know how I felt… that is, until I saw you and Sochima together a few minutes ago.

“My last girlfriend was one of the sweetest people you could meet, but in hindsight, she had one flaw that I completely missed: she was never great with kids. They always made her uncomfortable, no matter the setting. But you, after seeing you and Sochima playing, seeing you connect with her in a really special way, I can’t ignore what’s staring right at me.”

Gently cupping her face in his hands, he drew her close, and whispered the words that he had been hoping he’d be able to say, and mean.

“I love you, Melody.”

As tears of joy streamed down her face, he kissed her lips softly, caressing her cheeks and wiping away her tears as he did so. Breathless, it took every ounce of effort Melody had to be able to respond.

“I… I love you too.”

Their eyes locked, their breathing synchronized, the pair could feel the electricity around them. Taking her hand, Kendy led Melody quickly back to his apartment. As soon as Kendy secured the dead bolt, Melody attacked him in a passionate embrace. As she pressed her lips to his, their tongues wrestling with increasing intensity, Kendy thought to himself, no way is she taking the lead this time.

He deftly maneuvered her around, pinning her against the door, never once breaking their kiss. She moaned in delight, loving the feeling of her Gee… no, her lover, and the most incredible man in the universe, telling her in every way possible that she was the most important thing in the world to him. As she began to run her fingers through his short, fine hair, she felt his hands begin to travel southward, his nimble fingers undoing the button of her jean shorts before lowering the zipper. She chuckled seductively and turned to face the door with her back to him, and shook her glorious ass in his face, beckoning him to remove her shorts. Obliging, he slowly slid them down her thighs, revealing a black pair of lacy sexy short panties. He could tell that they were perfectly tight, riding up just the right amount into her crack, and accentuating her slightly exposed cheeks beautifully. Caressing them with his hands, he gave a little squeeze before spinning her back around.

She giggled in pleasure, her smile a mile wide. They resumed their heavy make out session, as Kendy’s hands continued their exploration. Slipping them under her black V-neck shirt, he ran his fingers over her flat tummy before his right hand moved to gently cup her left breast. As he gently squeezed it, he moved his left hand around to the small of her back, steadying her against his body as he began to kiss her exposed neck. As she wrapped her left leg around his right, it was all Melody could do to just hang on to his neck as he continued finding all of her favorite pleasure spots.

Suddenly getting a few excellent ideas, Kendy, without halting his caressing, wished to Melody telepathically.

I wish to be strong enough to carry you.

Tingle. Flash. Done.

He instantly felt a sensation in his arms and chest, similar to the tingling he felt in his head when he made a wish. Though his arms weren’t noticeably bigger, Kendy could tell that he would now have no trouble lifting a person up in his arms. In one swift movement, he swept her up, his arms under her knees and back, as Melody laughed gleefully.

Without a single spoken word between them, but their eyes never leaving each other’s gaze, Kendy maneuvered them down the short hallway and into his bedroom. As they passed the light switch, Melody kicked it to the on position with her foot. They shared another passionate kiss before Kendy laid her down on his bed, teasing her by running his fingers up her thigh before withdrawing.

As Melody whimpered from the tease, Kendy strolled around to the other side of the bed with a sly grin on his face. He plugged his iPhone into the alarm clock by his bed, which doubled as a speaker, tapped a couple of buttons, and started up his favorite Country Music playlist. As the sounds of 'When I Fall in Love' echoed through the room, Melody’s whimpering face was soon replaced with one of excitement and anticipation.

As she crawled over to the side of the bed Kendy stood on, Melody rose up on her knees to embrace him. This put her about an inch or two taller than him, which was a strange, but fun, sensation, with her usually being an inch shorter. She kissed his cheek lightly before whispering in his ear, “We’re not very even, now are we?”

Kendy smiled, as he had been so obsessed with exploring her that he had totally forgotten that his shorts and polo were still on. “Wetin you wan do about am kwanu?”

She smiled mischievously and began unbuttoning his polo, sweetly kissing the newly exposed skin, before pulling it out of his shoulders and slipping it over his head in one swift motion. She now began to kiss his neck as he had done to her previously, quickly discovering that this was one of his best erogenous zones. As Kendy moaned, she expertly brought her hands lower to undo his belt. Her lips soon joined her hands, kissing their way down his bare chest as she propped herself up on her elbows in front of his fly. Gently undoing the button and opening the zipper, she slid his trousers down to the floor.

Now nude, save for his boxer briefs, it was blatantly obvious how aroused Kendy had become. Drops of precum stained his underwear, which was tented from the rock hard cock straining to get free of them. Melody ran her finger up and down the bulge a couple of times before gently sliding the boxer briefs down to Kendy’s ankles. She stroked his member gently, getting ready to suck him off, but Kendy, having other plans, lifted her chin up with his fingers and brought her back up to her knees.

“Look who’s uneven now,” he whispered sarcastically.

Melody giggled. “What? Want me to take my shirt off or something?”

Kendy cocked his eyebrows. “Maybe.”

“Thought you’d never ask.” Melody crossed her arms in front of her, slowly and seductively peeling the black fabric off, exposing her flat belly and gorgeous fair skin. Her lacy black bra matched her sexy short panties, barely containing her ample D-cup breasts. “That’s all I’m giving you,” she said with a wink. “You got to come get the rest yourself.”

Climbing up to his knees on the bed with her, Kendy pulled Melody close, resuming his earlier kissing of her neck. Now slowly making his way to the valley in her cleavage, he reached to her back with his right hand to her bra clasp. She gasped in surprise at his skill, as he swiftly unhooked her bra with one hand, all while burying his face in her chest. Repeating his move from earlier, she placed her finger on his chin, bringing him up to her face for a quick kiss. She held her bra in place with her left arm momentarily, before slowly slipping it off, revealing her very light chocolate breasts to him at last.

Kendy was completely speechless, and sat back on the bed for at least three full minutes, doing nothing but admiring this vision sharing his bed with him. He could tell that Melody was enjoying the hell out of his inspection of her, as she occasionally caressed her breasts slightly. After a few minutes, she was clearly ready for this to be more than a spectator sport, crawling towards him with her forearms squeezing her cleavage together as she approached him. He met her with a passionate kiss, moving his hands to fondle her bare pointed nipples for the first time.

They were glorious, being soft and naturally big, but wonderfully perky with no sagging or drooping. Kendy had always been a nipple man, and this was certainly the most perfect pair he could have ever imagined. Once again kissing his way down her chest, he began to inspect her coin-sized areolas, stimulating her small puffy nipples gently with his thumbs. As they became more hard and erect, he took her left side in his mouth, swirling and flicking his tongue over the nub, eliciting an excited purr from Melody. Repeating the process twice on each side, he successfully had her convulsing and writhing before any penetration had even come close to occurring.

Melody rolled over onto her back, slipping off her panties as she did so, beckoning Kendy to follow her. Her smoldering “come here baby” look was enough to bring any man to his knees. As Kendy arrived between her legs, he began to lightly run his finger around her moist pussy lips, completely shaven and clean. She smells divine, and probably tastes even better, he thought to himself. However, before he could dive in, Melody began to beg him. “Please, don’t tease me any more. I want all of you, I need all of you…”

Unable to deny her that request, Kendy positioned his cock at her slick entrance. Before pushing in, he hesitated a moment and looked Melody in the eyes. “I think I know the answer to this, but I have to ask anyway. Melody, do you really have a hunger for this fuck?”

Biting her lip with lust and anticipation, she nodded affirmative.

Stroking her cheek lightly, Kendy wasn’t sure if he should proceed. “I don’t want to hurt you. You’re the greatest thing ever to happen to me. I’m not saying I don’t want to… you know. I just want you to be sure.”

She smiled her megawatt smile. “You really are the sweetest. But please, don’t worry. I want this. My pleasure is yours. Give it to me. Once you take me, our bond will be complete. Once you take me, nothing in the entire universe will ever be able to separate us. I promise.”

Kendy nodded in understanding. “I’ll be as gentile as I can.”

He slowly pushed his aching rod into her moist pussy. The feeling was heavenly. Good lord, I’ve never imagined a pussy this tight before! As he reached her halfway in, he kissed her lips softly, gazed into her emerald eyes, and filled her up completely.

“Ahhhh!” Melody gasped in shock from the new sensation.

“Are you okay?!” Kendy didn’t dare move until she told him to.

She nodded, the look of pain on her face slowly disappearing. “Yes. It hurt, but it’s quickly disappearing. This feels so right. It's sweet. This is where you belong…” Her face had now returned to a look of lust and desire, telling Kendy everything he needed to know.

Slowly and gently, he began thrusting in and out of her tunnel, taking at least five seconds to complete each circuit at the start. As tight as she was, he knew he could cum almost any time he pleased. But this night was about both of them, and he wanted her to realize that. As he gradually quickened his pace, he leaned over to Melody and whispered into her ear.

“I wish for you to cum when I cum. I wish for you to feel everything I feel.”

Tingle. Flash.

“It’s… oh! Oh… my… GOD! HOLY SHIT!!!” Melody was suddenly in such ecstasy that she could barely keep her body from flailing around.

Kendy was very pleased with himself. He genuinely wanted her to orgasm from her first time. This would create a vicious, yet wonderful cycle, as there were few things hotter to him than watching a girl lose complete control during a truly passionate lovemaking encounter.

Now having an immense amount of fun, Kendy began to vary his strokes, using five quick pumps, followed by three slow and deliberate strokes. It became a game to see how much he could build up their mutual orgasm before cumming, as well as hearing the incoherent babbling from Melody as her explosion ticked closer and closer. After three of four repetitions of this pattern, she could stand no more.

“I… I can’t hold out any more Kendy! Please, make me cum! I’m going insane! I need to… I have to cum on your cock! I have to have you explode inside me!”

He grabbed hold of the pillow she rested her head on and began pounding her full force, momentarily fearful he might actually jackhammer her into oblivion.

Melody moaned and panted in pleasure. “Yes… yes… cum for me. Cum for us. Make me yours… make me… yours… for… EVEEEEEEERRRR!!!”

Just as he had wished, they climaxed at the same time, his throbbing cock intensifying her orgasm, her screaming and clenched pussy prolonging his. After what seemed like eons, they finally collapsed. Kendy rested on her chest, partially propped up on his right elbow so as not to crush her. She lightly brushed her hand against his arm, sighing contentedly every few seconds. “You should be very proud of me.”

He laughed. “And why is that?”

Melody giggled. “I managed to suppress my instinct to insist that you not worry about my orgasm. Make no mistake, your pleasure and happiness are my greatest desires, but I think I understand now that my pleasure and happiness are your greatest desires as well.”

Kendy shook his head in amazement. “You’ve come a long way in twelve hours. From being fearful of speaking out of turn to begging me to make you cum.” He leaned close. “Not that I’m complaining,” he whispered, blowing a stream of air into her ear as he retreated.

She squealed in delight, pushing him onto his back to kiss him passionately. “Neither am I,” Melody whispered as their lips parted. Resting on his chest, she gave him an amazing view of her gorgeous boobs squished against him. “So,” she said with her typical mischievous look, “you wan go again? Another round?”

Kendy chuckled. “As much fun as that would be, I think we should both sleep. Been a hell of an eventful day, after all.”

She sighed. “Yeah, you’re probably right. What time do we need to be up in the morning?”

“Well, the podcast broadcast...

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