The cursed truth

It was the moment of truth for Ravi. Everything he created for himself and his family was slowly crumbling away. The only thing he could do is to tightly shut his mouth, as even he is not sure what more damage it can bring.

Ravi, as a owner of a big transport company had seen a lot. Starting from a poor family, he knew studies were not his forte. So, he joined a a helper to a local influencal person, doing his bidding. It was mostly smuggling related, but he was never caught. He also developed many connections which later helped him build his company. He was famed to have a sweet tongue and clever person. He was respected for his work, so his boss allowed him to make name of his own after he was old enough.
His work mostly involved transport of mining products and managing the financing. It needed lot of lies and falsehood to maintain and bribing to sustain. But money and power had made him arrogant, and he looked down upon everyone be it neighbors, friends or relatives.
The incident happened one fine day. He humiliated a poor person Kishore for accidentally damaging his car, even though fault was his own. Ravi even bribed the traffic police and pushed all the blame on Kishore. Kishore was a religious person and had high self respect. He couldn't take this humiliation, but was powerless against Ravi. Tear fell as Kishore cried, but Ravi only showed his arrogant laugh as both him and police laughed at the poor man. Kishore was angry and said;
" You are a liar, that's why you are in powerful position. I hope you too will experience the pain that I felt. God will punish you. "

Ravi laughed off his outburst and went back to his house. He couldn't sleep at night as he was waking up to nightmares. The next day he was tired, still went to have meeting.
" Good morning everyone, let's start our meeting regarding last month expenditures. "
" Ravi, we have many pending invoices to be paid. The truck drivers and owners are complaining!"
" Just tell them that we haven't received money from mining companies. I have already used the money in my new purchase of plots and shopping"
" Excuse me? you must be joking " Sonu, one of the invester questioned.
Ravi was taken aback. He intended to cleverly push the topic aside but in turn told the real truth.
" No no, I didn't mean that. I wanted to say that you all investors are my lackey and you should keep bringing the funds for my personal use. Those drivers should only work to make me rich."
" WHAT AM I SAYING " Ravi shouted. " Sorry I am unwell, please let us shift the meeting. "
" No, this is serious. We are answerable to those drivers. We need to audit the finances to see any irregularities. " Sonu said sternly as other investors supported him.
" Do what you want. This is my company, you have do as I say." Ravi panicked as his inner thoughts are coming out in open. He went home directly as the company launched investigation against him.
" What happened, why are you sweating?" Rekha asked as she welcomed Ravi.
Ravi looked at his wife, and proceed to his storeroom without answering. Recharge followed him.
" Why are you not answering? What happened, tell me." She insisted.
" Shut up, don't disturb me. I need to check for the money and gold I had hidden, need to take it somewhere else."
" We have gold hidden here. You have never told me" Rekha was surprised.
" Why should I tell you everything, you should sit at home and cook for me. Don't try to know anything more." Ravi said angrily.
" What are you saying? You never talked like that before." Rekha said in concerned voice.
" Because you listened to me and right now you are disturbing me. Sunaina was better, at least she listened and made me feel good about myself." Ravi muttered.
" Who is Sunaina? " now Rekha shouted
Ravi realized what he had said. Sunaina was his mistress, but now it was out in open. That's also came from his mouth.
" I am going back to my parents. Have fun with Sunaina!" Rekha packed her luggage and left.

Ravi couldn't even follow her and sit down devastated as everything was falling down.
"What is happening, why can't I lie. Why is God punishing me!!" Ravi cursed, only to remember Kishore words.

© Dr. Manish Rout