This is the story of 4 friends Anshika, Kriti, Rahul and Pratyush. The story starts when it was a Sunday and all four met at Pratyush's house. Anshika- It's been a long time we have not planned any trip . Kriti- You are right, we became so busy in college and studies that we could not enjoy anything. ,Pratyush serving tea to everyone in the room Pratyush - I also want to know what is going on. Anshika- We were thinking of planning a trip, but when to plan, we don't have time for the trip.
A notification comes on Rahul's phone.
Rahul -guys ,check your phones .
Everyone checks their phone
yess......... all four scream with joy together
They all did this because college declared 6 days vacation. Rahul - I think destiny also wants us to go on a trip. Pratyush - Now let's decide where to go. Anshika - Let's go Ramgiri Forest for Trek.
Everyone agrees with her
Then all four of them convinced their parents and set out for Ramgiri Forest. All four of them were very excited about their trip But they did not know that their happiness was soon going to turn into fear.
by -ekadashi
© Ekadashi