The Blue jackel
There lived a jackal in a forest Due to old age, he could nolonger hunt like before. He was followed by few dogs.The jackal had to run to save his life and entered the street of the clothes dyers. There he saw a big pot and he jumped into the vessel to save his life. Bluecolor solution was kept in the vessel to dye the clothes.
When he came out of it he saw that the whosle color of his body had turned blue Any animal who saw its blue color would be frightened and run away from it.
Taking the advantage of the situation he declared himself the ruler of the animal world. The lions tigers and cheetahs were surprised to hear his words .No one dared to cut him off.
for a few days his kingdom went on very smoothly but then one day when he was resting in his cave, he heard the sound of other jackals outside. without thinking he aslo started whining like jackals in his original voice .The lion and the tiger realized that the jackal has outsmarted them and he they killed him.