The mouse crept through the silent house in search of its nightly meal. Its beady eyes darted around, scanning the darkness for any sign of sustenance. The scent of crumbs lingered in the air, drawing the creature deeper into the unknown.

As it scurried along the hallway, the mouse's ears pricked at a sudden, blood-curdling scream that pierced the stillness. Its tiny heart skipped a beat, and it froze in its tracks. The sound echoed through the house, sending shivers down the mouse's spine. Instinctively, it stood on its hind legs, its whiskers twitching with curiosity and fear.

With cautious steps, the mouse ventured toward the source of the scream. The house seemed to hold its breath, as if anticipating the next horrifying revelation. Shadows danced on the walls, casting eerie shapes that played tricks on the mouse's imagination. It felt as if unseen eyes were watching its every move.

Finally, the mouse reached the room from which the scream had originated. The door creaked open, revealing a scene that sent a surge of terror through its tiny body. A lifeless body lay sprawled on the floor, bathed in the pale moonlight that filtered through the window. The sight was both gruesome and captivating, a tableau of horror that froze the mouse in place.

Fear overwhelmed the creature, and it scurried away as fast as its tiny legs could carry it. Its heart pounded fiercely, matching the rhythm of its frantic footsteps. The house seemed to come alive with a malevolent energy, as if the very walls whispered secrets of unspeakable darkness.

The mouse found solace in a hidden corner, its breath ragged and its senses heightened. It knew that something sinister lurked within those walls, something far more dangerous than a mere predator. It sensed a malevolence that defied explanation, a force that hungered for more than just flesh and blood.

As the night wore on, the mouse remained hidden, its tiny heart still racing. It had witnessed a glimpse of the horrors that lay hidden within the house, and it knew that survival meant staying out of sight. In the realm of Colton wright's twisted imagination, even the smallest creatures could sense the impending doom that awaited those who dared to venture too far into the darkness.
© c.wright