Revenge (story part: 14)
Eun-sook: Sis Alice you really sacrificed for my mom.

Alice: No problem, by the way you tell me where were you for so many years?

Eun-sook: When they were running after me to kill me, I went inside a ship to save myself and kept myself hidden. And I slept in that ship, when I woke up from sleep, I saw that this ship was in the middle of the sea.
That ship stopped at the shore of China. I came out of the ship and was running here and there for help.
Then two couples came to me, because they had no child, so they kept me like their child and adopted me.
And they gave me the name "chun".

Dylan: ( to Eun Sook ) So was this the reason you wanted to come here to Korea and find your mom?

Eun-sook: Finding my mom was a goal, as well as taking revenge for what those people did to my parents and what they did to my townspeople.
I will not forgive anyone.

Dylan looks at the time and it's already late so he tells Eun Sook to return to camp. Eun sook agrees to Dylan and said to Alice," We have to go now, Sis Alice take care of my mom I will keep coming to see mom."

Alice nods.....

On the way....

Dylan felt very bad after hearing Eun Sook's past story. Dylan said to Eun Sook, "In your past you went through a lot."

Hearing this, Eun-sook stops and says to Dylan who is standing sadly for Eun-sook, putting her hand on his head while patting....

Eun Sook: I'm glad you can understand the pain of my past, But trust me, I will take my revenge.

Dylan: I am also with you.

Eun Sook: (kept looking at Dylan) .....

Dylan: What happened ?

Eun Sook: (smiles and shakes her head ) Nothing... i'm really glad you're with me...

Dylan and Eun Sook start walking. Dylan's heart starts beating and he looks at Eun Sook again and again. Dylan still remembers what Kai said. Kai and Dylan both like Eun Sook. Dylan is afraid that Eun Sook might reject him if he proposes!

As soon as Dylan went to talk to Eun Sook... Eun sook proposes to Dylan.

Eun Sook: Dylan I love you!

Dylan can't believe it after hearing that Eun Sook proposed to him. He thought he had heard something wrong. So he asked Eun Sook again, "What did you say just now?" Eun Sook once again tells Dylan what she said.

Dylan's happiness is not stopping. And he picks up Eun Sook in arms.

At camp...

Kai is standing outside waiting for Eun Sook to come back. Seeing Kai standing outside, Hualing came to him and gave him a blanket to cover himself from cold wind.

Hualing: what are you doing here ?

Kai: Chun (Eun Sook) should have arrived by now. Don't know why it is taking so long to arrive.

Hualing: No need to worry, she is with Dylan, Chun (Eun sook) will be fine.

Then saw Eun Sook and Dylan walking from a distance. Kai took the blanket off from himself and ran straight towards to Eun Sook.

He went straight to Eun Sook and covered the blanket upon her. Seeing this, Eun Sook was shocked and was afraid that Hualing might feel bad after seeing this. So she looks towards Hualing who was standing looking at Kai.

Eun-sook: (nervously) I don't need blanket.

Kai: It's very cold outside, what if you catch cold ?

Hualing came to them and said, "Kai is right, you may feel cold."

Kai then wanted to show his affection to Eun sook by showing how worried he was for Eun-sook. So he hugs Eun Sook. Seeing this, Hualing turns her gaze to the other side.

Then Dylan pulls Eun-sook towards him. Seeing this Kai got confused.

To be continued

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