The Providence River, Water Fire
The Providence River, Water Fire

Embers Upon the water, dazzling, as they dance in an upward ascent. Drifting and fading far disappeared from the keenest eyes. Water mist twirls in unison with the river's broken surface tension breaks on the river. Ripples rolling and repeating expanding from the slightest ash falling and swaying on what little resistance the sinking cold waters surrounding air, combine with the rising heat to cause the slightest updraft that has been made from the smokeless fires contained within their iron brazen cages

The Providence River always seems to be placed on display. After all, with the promise of beauty to behold. Rarely seen on the brightest day. The coming transition from light to dark brings with it the cool night air. This would on any other night, be a place for tranquil meditation, barren of life, except for a few in between.

Tonight the fire's radiant aura paints itself as broken bands in reflection, separating what was, and what is WaterFire on the Providence River. From within the heart of this river a blaze the wood catches and throws whipping fire. Painted radiant bands of all the color hues from an enigmatic pallet with restless reds to soft oranges. Nestled above the water's sleek glossy face, colored strings of light can also be seen twinkling in their reflection, if only as a gentle reminder that the festive season is officially upon us. Pushing warmth through, in waves outward towards the bustling crowd.

With irregular intervals of assorted group sizes mindfully passing by politely as can be to one another. With one desired focus, while demonstrating the same intense level of gleeful expression. Somewhere between the meandering and the playful nature of families making memories they look and steer almost diligently, searching for the next undefined direction to stroll to. Beneath their feet and above the river There are cobblestones. That goes unnoticed below their steps all the while, thudding sounds shoot in wayward directions. Thud, thud, thud footsteps follow indistinct eyes when listening to muffled chattering. Who would not be entertained by all the sightseers, onlookers, and tourists? Looking for the next best location to view this elegant river flowing through the heart of Providence? where is the next best spot for the perfect overlooking angle, for which to cast their gaze?

Steady goes the tempo of many winter dances and jingles. Seldomly heard twice what a lovely array of familiar and new holiday tunes. All of which have inspired cherry delight. Amongst fellow patrons. All of whom will no doubt meet the following day with greetings of "what cheer" for all to hear about the river's firelight.