the locked room
If I hadn't left the room immediately, what would have happened? This incident occurred five years before my marriage. I was a student searching for a part-time job to help my family. While looking, I suddenly found a babysitting job that paid very well. I just had to take care of two children, Alicia and Nick, for a week, and they were paying $3,000 for this. I quickly applied for the job and got an email from their parents two hours later, accepting my application. They told me their address, and I just had to visit their home, where they would explain everything, and that's what I did. Their home was huge, and they were very rich. After I arrived, they gave me a quick tour of the house. I suddenly noticed a locked door that gave off very strange and creepy vibes. I asked them about it, but they just said, "You will realize soon." Then I met Alicia and Nick. They were very good children, and both of them followed my orders. We were playing and having fun together when it was time for their parents to leave. Before they left, they gave me a letter and said, "Please read it and understand the rules before night. It's very important." At first, I didn't understand, but after reading it, I was scared and a little creeped out. The title of the letter was "Rules You Must Follow at Any Cost."

Rule 1: Before 9 PM, close all doors and windows. Take Alicia and Nick. Hide in any room. Don't come out before 10 PM. Try not to make any noise.

Rule 2: At 10 PM, open the door and say anything loudly. Then, quickly close the door and wait for 10 minutes. If you hear a knock or any voices, stay hidden until 11 PM. If you hear nothing, you can come out.

Rule 3: At 11 PM, there is a key to the locked door in the hall, on the sofa. Take it and go to the room. Don't make any noise. In the room, there is a big closet and a CD player. Silently go to the CD player, turn it on, and lock the door immediately. If you see that the closet is slightly open, don't wait; just lock the door and stay hidden in any room until morning.

Rule 4: After 11 PM, you can feed yourself and the children, but don't eat anything already placed on the dinning table.

Rule 5: If Alicia or Nick ask if they can play with a friend, just say no, nothing else.

Rule 6: Never make Alicia or Nick cry. If they cry, at any cost, do anything; just leave the house within 2 minutes. This is very important.

Rule 7: Before 12:30 AM, go to sleep in the room in front of the locked door with the children.

Rule 8: After 1 AM, if you hear any voices from outside, just look through the peephole to check if the door is locked. If it's not, stay quiet and go to sleep. If you hear banging on your door, leave the house with the children through the windows. Don't open the door before 6:30 AM.

Is it a prank or are they serious? Whatever. I was scared. I had never been in this kind of situation. As time was passing, I could hear my heartbeat. Now it's 8:45 PM. Time to follow the rules.As per the rule, I locked all doors and windows and stayed in any room for an hour.At 10 PM, I yelled and waited for 10 minutes. Nothing happened, so I came out. At 11 PM, I went to the locked room. As they described, there was a closet and a CD player. I turned the CD player on and immediately got out of the room. After dinner, we went to the room to sleep. I survived a night in this house. I was completely following every rule, and nothing happened for 4 days. But something happened on the 5th day that still scared me.
When I went to the locked room, the closet was open. I was very scared, but thankfully, I locked the door immediately and took the children into the room till morning. At 3:26 AM, Alicia woke me up and told me there was a knock on our door. I could hear someone knocking. I was completely lost about what to do. There is nothing written in the rules if this happens. So i asked "What do you want?" The knocking turned into banging, and someone was screaming on the other side of the door. I had no choice but to run with the children through the window. At the exact moment when I was getting out, I heard the door break behind me. I didn't look back; I just ran with the children as fast as possible. After some time, I looked back at the dark room, and I saw big red eyes looking straight at me. I lost consciousness and woke up at 7 in the morning. Both children were also sleeping with me in the garden. I immediately called their parents and told them everything. Before they arrived, I went to my home. They sent me money to my home with a letter written on it, "Don't tell anyone anything you have experienced." I got the money, but with unimaginable scary memories. If you ever get this kind of job, just don't break the rules.