synonymous to the harmonies of beating hearts
It stings and bites but at the end of every tear a bitter refreshing
Bleeding is a beautiful part of human existence
Depending on an apology as a strategy to heal is a dumb decision
Shutting out emotions to numb the pain is as unwise as a sewage rate daring to bell the cat
Time heals everything has never been more truer
it seems it takes an eternity to trust time enough
waiting for the touch of sunset,
trying to outrun time was an error i committed myself daily to
i sat in the despair
i made sorrow my habitation
chased the dwellers of hope from my residence
bitter and enraged i bled out
i bled out on the purest of souls
soon i looked back
i was all alone
no one waited

As i stood at the edge of the nile
this became my conviction
make of it an amazing experience,
learn and grow
when the clock strikes at go,
the invincible pain will be no more!
© irkel