14 birds

I saw 14 birds
Flying in a lovely
Pattern in the sky
On the way to
My native place

Maybe they are
Going to church to
Pray ...I believe
this from my heart

Bird 1:
God please give me
Beautiful eyes like
Musu has

God Please give me
Melody voice like
Musu voice

Bird 3 :
God make me more
Attractive like musu legs
her legs so marvelous

Bird 4:
God make my beak
Cutest like musu nose

Bird 5:
God make my wings
Numinous like musu
Hidden aura wings

Bird 6:
God make my heart
divine beautiful like
Musu ka heart

Bird 7,8,9,10:
God please make our
Outlook more awesome
Like musu ka outlook

Bird 11, 12:
God please give us
Musu made nummy
Foods ..we love it

Bird 13, 14 :
God please bless
us to get a glimpse
Of goddess muskaan
It's enough for us


© amusu