love forest
love forest

I was suddenly sitting on the chair, I slept from the exhaustion of work, and I had a strange dream

I am in a forest and a laborer is running, and I do not know how to get out of this forest at all, until I found a prince, he is not called a prince, he is actually a prince, he was standing next to him, the guard was guarding his body, and he laughed at me.

They drag me because this forest belongs to him, and I entered it without his permission.

Suddenly Hadi and beautiful, what is your name?

I am Razan, and you said to me, O man, I am the prince of the forest in which you are standing. Why did you come here? If I knew how to tell you, suddenly the desert man walked and told them to walk, come, I will take you out of the forest. Already kidnapped is Ante I mean Arefta Tgare

I fainted from the horror of the situation. I found such a gentle hand that calmed me down and excelled me. I woke up and found me on the ground.

What a fool I am. I already know someone to come here to be agitatedI was at work and slept. This is what happened

Well, don't be afraid, I will protect you from the predators here

Oh my God, there are animals too

Of course, you still haven't seen anything. Sit here safely. Don't be afraid. Oh, I want to go out, but get out. What are you? Of course, this forest is what brought you here.

Forest answer me

Oh, you don't know that this is the forest of love, and I came here for a specific reason.

You are joking, but no, of course, what is a forest of love and what is nonsense

Well, you will see, and if you stay, you will enter this small house, because you will honor us for a while, and also for a vote

Predators approaching

You are so goodI did not tell you to infect you

But I kept shutting up every joke like this

That's it, I'm going to be evil

Suddenly I found a drawing of a heart in the middle of the woods with our name written on it

And suddenly I woke up from sleep, what kind of work, what kind of work, did I find it, suddenly with me in the elevator

I am how you are here, I did not tell you your share

Just how I was dreaming

No, my love, the magic of the forest of love is the reason

Take this book as a gift in the forest story that brought us together and contains our story

What is this, how is it caught up?

I didn't tell you magic, then come on, so I can get you to work because I'm the boss, and I won't stay because I'm going to cut you off

I am amazed, the manager also completed it

No, don't be afraid, I love books very much and novels, that's why we stayed in a storyI am amazed, the manager also completed it

No, don't be afraid, I love books very much and novels, that's why we stayed in a story

Come on, because I want to meet your family, what is this, why do I love you too?

Because I love you, let's keep wanting a happy ending to the novel

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