The friend in general expresses the personality of his friend, if anyone wants to know the details of his personality, and angles, it is only to look at his friend. And the sincerity of the wise when they said the friend of one partner in his mind; each one of us tends to people who resemble him and similar with him in the qualities and attitudes of moral and intellectual, as confirmed by the Prophet's Hadith: (one on the religion of his friend, let one of you see).

What friendship is but a strong link between morality and thought, and the heavenly religions emphasize the importance of friendship and fraternal relations based on love and goodness , friendship is a great gift to man.
Many people find it easy to make up a lot of friends , but they realize that it is hard to find the true friends who will stand by them during the hardships of life, and God has blessed some people with the grace of true friendship. If you are true friends, you are a lucky person.
Because of the importance of friendship there are many stories and stories that you talk about, some of these stories are valid for all time and place, others are based on personal experiences, and there are stories are just tales of imagination, yet there is one thing in common is that the most important thing in them all Is morality. Therefore, we must not let small differences affect our friendship