Man who hope with Love : Fall in love
Manav worked in an insurance company, one day manav gets a telephone call. Manav asks, yes who is ?
The answer from the front comes, Priya is speaking from your other branch,
Manav liked Priya's voice very much,
They both talked about work and hung up,
Both kept talking for a few days,
Manav began to like Priya, but both of them had never seen each other, but both of them became friends.
Manav asked Priya for mobile number and both kept in touch with each other through mobile and after few days Priya resigned from her job,
Manav did not know that Priya left the job,
Manav was a good boy, he knew that it was right to talk to Priya in office time but he never used to call after Priya went home,
Manav used to send messages only to Priya on mobile but there was no response, from this time Manav also started getting angry.
One day Manav quarreled with the manager for a small matter and Manav resigned as well.
Whatever Manav was doing, manav was doing it just because of not getting Priya,
The love for Priya woke up in Manav's heart, but he could never dare to tell Priya because Manav was afraid of losing a friend like Priya.
Manav never called Priya and said that he wants her,
A few months passed, both of them had not spoken even once, Manav felt that Priya would talk to Priya only then he would talk to Priya, but Manav also started to think that Priya has forgotten him or she is just a Do not understand anything other than friend.
Priya's phone comes on Manav's mobile phone, Manav talks to Priya and Priya asks to meet Manav, asks to meet Manav, he asks about place.
Priya goes to the place where the Manav goes, but after seeing a lot of girls, but manav calls Priya and Priya is standing behind her, but manav had never seen priya, so he could not recognised her.
Priya summoned Manav, then when the manav looked back, he stopped looking at Priya. Manav was stunned just by seeing Priya's beauty.
Priya asked, "What happened to mankind, why are you feeling so shocked?"
He did not say anything, just giving a little laughter asked Priya, would you like to have coffee or tea?
Priya said, today is my fast, it will be better to drink of fruit juice.
Both Manav and Priya started talking and asked for two orange juices from a fruit juice shop.
Manav asked Priya why did you resign from the job?
Priya said that my father was ill and was undergoing treatment in the hospital, I resigned from the job due to no response of leave .
Manav asked, how is his health now?
Priya said that everything is going well now and I like to talk with you but I like you as a friend.
Man said, "You are right friend, you considered me as your own."
Priya asked Do you love a girl?
Manav has said that he has not yet been with anyone.
Priya laughed and said you tell a good lie.
Manav also given smile, not all this is true.
As soon as Manav caught a glass of juice in his hand, his hands started to tremble, Priya immediately saw that why your hands are trembling?
Manav said that I am sitting with a girl for the first time.
After they leave each other and say bye .

"First Love is always Sweet and Innocent"

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