A beautiful smile requires a beautiful teeth but it's hard to smile while having nightmares from toothache!!

Since from past few days I'm having toothache and because of that it's affecting food intake especially in thermal drinks, So I made up my mind to go dental clinic all by myself.

It was my first experience going to clinic or hospital all by myself, at first I was feeling little grown up and I was telling myself now you're no longer a kid, you have to be independent though I recently turned 18th, after some time I started to get anxious and slowly I was turning into Pessimistic person, somewhere on my mind I was thinking I should call someone to go clinic with me but I didn't got that much guts to ask anyone for help because I'm not that much good with people nor I wanted to bother anyone for myself "you know all those introvert's thing" , so I skipped that thought and somehow I deal with my negativity and I convinced myself not to worry about the things that isn't happen yet.

After waiting for ages I finally got a taxi and I reached the clinic " I don't know about you but I got some serious personal problems with Hospital/clinic and Doctors I don't know why I just dislike them or maybe I never tried to like them" I waited for 10mins at the waiting seat cause he was looking a small patient , while waiting for my turn my heart was running more faster than a horse
I never felt this kinda nervous in my whole life not even the day of board's result.

finally it was my turn and when I entered I got disappointed by 4 of them, they were eating junk especially those food which is an enemy for teeth not only that 3 ladies were too noisy and I really don't appreciate noisy people, at this point am glad that I dislike them nevertheless he started to ask me some questions like what's the problem? do you have any infection from medicine? are you taking any medicine for toothache? do you have any diseases and if you have are you still in medical observation? After giving all the answers he prescribed me some medicine and told me to come after 5 days with xray.

It might not be an interesting one but yeah!!
it was my first experience going to clinic/hospital all by myself. I'm confused was it my good experience or bad one, what you think?

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