With him
Sometimes,peace and silence isn't all about being alone.Because in some time,it's with one person who will make you feel like home.

Since I was born until I reach my age now,16.I'm used to be alone and stay in one place in order to find peace.I always want to spend my time sleeping,going out in places where there's no one except me.

One time,a heavy rain came and I saw a Nipa house.I went there then saw a boy sleeping peacefully.I'm stunned by his looks and saw his upper part of the body naked.He has no tops.

Then he suddenly wake up and surprise.
"W-what are you doing here?"
"Sorry.I didn't mean to-
" No it's okay.Here.....take my jacket.its cold."
"How about you?"
"Well,Men's body is better than women's"
He giggles.

Then the rain stops.

"Hey,you want to come with me?"
"Don't worry.It won't hurt you....I'll just show you something."

I follow him and then he lays in the road.
"Hey what are you doing?"
"Don't worry,there's no truck by this time.Ive done this before and it's kinda silly but worth it promise...Wanna try?"

I layed.

Gosh it's way better than before.I can see how beautiful the clouds after the rain.
I looked at him and smiled.This person is something.I really want his company with me.

© EmptyShadowriter