Spiteful Living, Lovely Death
Do you want to live because you are afraid to die? If you think something should be written about the question, go ahead and do so.
© Rosabella Thorne

I wish to die. However, I do wish to die knowing everyone is better than me in every single way.

To live out of spite is to live, nonetheless.

To live out of fear is to not live at all.

Say, isn't spiteful living much better than fearful living?

Why do we dear death so much? Is it because of the agony, misery, and pain that comes with it? Is it because we no longer get to “live” and have chances?

We have lots of chances, now, so why aren't we living? We spend our days with our phones and toxic people.

I live out of spite. No, you are not better than me and I will prove it.

Just watch, I'll live like no one ever did so my death would be a lovely one.

Spiteful living. Lovely death.