Milk and Cheese
am a tiny girl in this big wide world.
with cocoa-coloured eyes and hair.
freckles in the pale face of mine.
yesterday, a special day. I turned nine.

spring has come today with cherry blossoms.
I admired every flower that bloomed.

I was walking back home. with flowers in my hand.
to decorate my room. To make it feel like home.
as I live all alone.

but I saw my friend on the way
whom I saw yesterday. at my room.
asked her what you did today.
she is more tiny than me.
with wings in her back. like me.
but I hide mine all the time. as am a human.
but she hides herself time to time. as she's a fairy.
she did not listen to the thing I say.
I followed her graze to find where her eyes are laid.

she noticed me finally when I poked her face.
later she came closer to my face.

The fairy whispered to me in the ear.
" there's milk over the moon "
But I refused to believe & said
" there's cheese over the moon "

In the change of mood, we argued.
The night fell darker. We flew higher.
We Met the moon. Our curiosity grew.

We Asked her
" what do you hold, that we don't? "
She sings and narrates.
" i hold, anything you want, anything you need, every where I'll be listening to your stories "

The confused fairy ponders a question
" but you are seen only at night fall "
the Moon smiles & says.
"It's because I Hide from the sun "

I asked why while checking the time
She replies as she flies to the other side
" so he does not steal my milk and cheese "

© holy_stars