The witch witness-2
*Chapter 1:-They never knew*
Natasha was sleeping in her room while her mother was cooking breakfast in the kitchen and her father was reading today's newspaper.But then suddenly weird noises started coming from Natasha's room.Nyra got worried and told Charles to quickly go and check Natasha ,if she was alright or not.As soon as Charles opened the door
,he was shooked to see what he was witnessing.Natasha was trying to save her self from an unknown figure from a knife.She was screaming as if that figure was just coming closer and closer to her and she was just there helplessly trying to defend her self from that unknown figure.Charles went towards Natasha and tried to consult her about what she was seeing was just a nightmare it probably was just a dream.But Natasha told that it can't be a dream cause she was awake how is that possible for that to be a dream!! Charles and Nyra consolidated her and told her it was nothing to worry about.After which Natasha was still hesitant to go outside but still she went to her school...
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