Enchanted One's (1)
Everleigh was getting ready for her first day of highschool. She had always been homeschooled due to her powers. She was always scared someone would find out about her powers and they would take her away. Although she was scared her best friend Jax had convinced her to go. "Are you ready to go Eve?" asked Everleigh's mom as she walked into Everleigh's room. "Not really" replied Everleigh. " This is how I'm going to get myself killed." Everleigh's mom gave her a reassuring look. " Honey your not going to die. Even if anything we're to happen, we're always ready to leave town. Besides you have Jax." said Everleigh's mom trying to sound convincing. "First Jax doesn't have powers so how will he be able to save me if someone is trying to kill me? Second I don't even know if I'm staying all year." Said Everleigh as she grabbed her backpack and headed for the door. "Wait!" Everleigh's mom said as she grabbed her daughter's arm. "Promise me you'll try to give it a chance?" Everleigh didn't say a word and just left.

When she got out side she saw Jax waiting for her. "You ready Everleigh?" Asked Jax as they started walking . "Why does everyone ask me that?" asked Everleigh. " I'm terrified and I know I do a bad job at hiding it." Jax stayed quiet for a few seconds then said " Look I know your scared and there will be things that confuse you but just trust me on one thing. Trust me when I say everything will be fine." Everleigh was shocked. She had never seen Jax say anything like this. "Ok. I trust you." Everleigh said. Then they walked to school in silence.

As they approach the school, Everleigh noticed lot's of guards and these scanner things people where walking through. " What's that" Everleigh asked. "Just trust me." Jax said as he walked through the scanner. " Everything will make sense later." Everleigh slowly walked through the scanner and got back to Jax. " Ok. What was your classroom number again?" asked Jax. "306." replied Everleigh. " It's that classroom right there. I'll see you at lunch." Jax said as he walked off. Everleigh walked over to her class and saw two girls coming towards her. Everleigh thought they were going somewhere else until they walked up to her. " Your Everleigh right?" asked Luella. "How did they know my name." Everleigh thought. " Hello? You ok?" asked Katie. " Sorry. yes I am Everleigh." Everleigh said snapping out of her thoughts. " Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Katie and this is Luella." " Hello." Luella replied. Just then the bell rang and all the students got to their seats. " See you later Everleigh." Luella said as her and Katie walked to their seats. Everleigh quickly found an empty seat and sat down. Just then a teacher walked in the class. "Hello everyone I'm Mr. Barlowe as you all know. Well except our new student but let's not let that distract us. In today's lesson we will go over these things called Enchantors. Enchantors are these creatures who have magical powers. They use them for evil. They hurt and kill. They also can shape shift into anything or anyone. That's why we have the scanners in the school's entrance. Just know that these people are bad and they are never to be trusted." Everleigh's heart skipped a beat. Jax had to know about this right? Just then the bell rang. "Ok class time for lunch." said Mr. Barlowe. Everleigh ran out of class as soon as she could. She had to get to Jax and ask him about everything that had happened. She found Jax by what looked like his locker and ran up to him. "How could you not tell me Jax?" Everleigh asked still out of breath. "Tell you what Eve?" asked Jax. Everleigh gave him an angry and scared look. " Oh you mean about Enchantors? Look I was going to tell you" said Jax. "When?" asked Everleigh. "When where you going to tell me that I'm not safe here?" Jax gave a Everleigh calm down look. " Have you told her yet." asked Luella. Everleigh turned around to see Luella, Katie and two other people she didn't know. "I'm really confused now. Tell me what and who are these two people?" Everleigh asked. "We'll tell you after school. It's not safe to talk about this right now." Jax said as he nodded his head slightly towards a camera. Everleigh quickly understood and they walked to the cafeteria.

It was the end of the day and Everleigh left class as soon as she could. She needed to find Jax and the other kids. Just then she saw Jax waiting for her a long with the other people. She walks up to them and asks " Ok please tell me about what you said earlier." " Come on. Let's walk in the park and we'll explain everything." Said Jax.

They walk in the park and they start to explain everything. "What?" screamed Everleigh when Jax was done explaining. "I know it's a lot to take in." said Jax as Everleigh was freaking out. " A lot doesn't even work in this case. First I find out that the two boys names are Jacob and Carlos. Second I learned that Luella, Katie, Jacob and Carlos all have powers like me. And finally I find out that you Jax have been hacking the school's computer system. And you say that's a lot?" Everleigh said as she was pacing. "Let's revil our powers!" screamed Katie then looked around to make sure no one heard. "Jacob has flight. Luella has super speed. Carlos has inviability and I have teleportation. What about you Everleigh?" Everleigh was always scared about telling them about her power but she felt safe with them. " My power is healing." said Everleigh while everyone looked shocked. " Everleigh do you know what your power means?" asked Jacob. " No I don't. What does it mean?" asked Everleigh. " Your an Enchantress." answered Carlos. " A what?" asked Everleigh still confused. " It means you have 1 parent who is an Enchantor and one parent who is normal." said Jacob. " But that also means that you illegal." " I thought we all were all illegal." said Everleigh still confused. " We all may be illegal but your even more illegal because your powers could destroy the world." said Carlos sounding afraid. " Sorry guys my mom is calling me be right back." says Luella as she walks behind a tree pretty far away. Luella pulls out her phone and calls someone. " Boss I found the girl. Don't worry they don't suspect a thing."

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