A beachside restaurant, candles on the table, perfectly lit.. everything was ready for the romantic candlelight dinner, except him. As usual, he is late, that's his style, and she had already waited for one hour.. Unaware of when he will come.

She went to the washroom. Looked at the mirror whether her hair is half curly like he said, even though they're straight by nature, she curled it because he liked wavy hair. She looked at the eyelashes to make sure that they are thick because he often says that he loves the eyes with thick eyelashes. She remembered the moment. When they were in a restaurant, he looked at a girl in the next table and talked a lot about her thick eyelashes and wavy hair. He made her a little jealous of that strange girl, still, she couldn't forget the words he used to praise her beauty, let alone how many nights they haunted her. She searched her bag for the lipstick. He always wanted her lips to be pink, though he never kissed her.

She was expecting a kiss tonight. She was craving for that for long but never received one. He never touched her. Nobody ever touched her. I have seen boys falling for her so easily, and praising how beautiful she is. But she never fell for any of them. All she wanted was Alan.

Then she looked at her neck. The tattoo she made with his name, not to impress him.. but to experience the beats in her chest while seeing his name on her skin, but the feeling was frozen with his two words, "gone mad?"

She looked at her body. He was always curious about the size of her curves. That she used to cover always. Not because she is shy or old fashioned. Just because she was afraid of his words while comparing with other women. She used to wear a bikini on the beach and if it's with him. She will wear salwar and dupatta. She was so insecure when with him. She looked at the watch, it was 9 o'clock.

She touched the zip of her onion colour frock. She removed it. What was left was an off white bra and panty. She threw away her hair clips too. she opened the door and walked straight towards the shore. She ran towards the waves, jumped into them and swam. The waves took her back to the shore.

She sat on the wet sand, took it in hand and rubbed it on her body. her hands. her chest and her belly.. she inhaled the sea into her veins.. the waves kept kissing her legs.the moon smiled at her and sent hugs with milky rays. She lay there with closed eyes and empty thoughts.

Suddenly someone woke her up, she opened her eyes.. oh.. the boy from the restaurant. She threw her eyes towards the restaurant.. saw 6 feet shadow.. "Alan" ...her heart was not excited this time. Her butterflies didn't dance with romantic BGM of her soul. She simply stood up and slowly walked.

She didn't remove the sand stuck on her body, she didn't care about the broken bra strap on her left shoulder. She simply walked.

When she reached near to Alan, What she caught in his eyes was something new, He was staring at her. He has never seen her like that. Alan shouted
"Bella, is this is the way a woman comes for dinner?''
"Calm down Alan, why are you always talking about other women? I really hate that ok?"

Alan was not familiar with that tone of her voice, actually, he had no idea about how she talks normally, he never cared, she never showed too.
"Go, put on something beautiful"
"Alan, this is the most beautiful dress I can wear, my skin."

Women in the next table looked at her. She winked at her and passed a flying kiss. It was like she was drunk. But actually, she was not, he continued,
"Bella, are you drunk?"
"No, is it necessary to be drunk to talk some truth? Alan.. look at me.."

She pulled Alan by his collar
"Look at me closely, Did you see this wet hair..?"
She rubbed it on his neck.
"It's not wavy. it's damn straight.. and beautiful for me..did you see my eyelashes they are thin.. without the artificial one and I love it when it's so light weighted. Look at this gap in my right eyebrow.
I was hiding this with eyebrow pencils because you wanted a straight long perfect one. Look at my lips. You may not be familiar with this colour.. you never saw this after our first date. it's not pink Alan. It's violet.. the colour of wild strawberries.."

She bit her lips to showcase her extreme passion towards her own lips. She slightly turned her body and continued.

"Alan.. look at my breasts and buttocks.. you don't have to be confused about its size and shape. You can check whether it meets your idea of a womanly body"
"Bella stop... It's enough.. sit. Let's talk something else"
"I have no time Alan.. I already wasted a lot of time for the one who isn't even sorry for being late"

She stared at him.. and then sat on the table.. put a candle in left hand.. take it close to her face.. her eyes were flooding.. the wax was dripping on her thighs.. but she never cared.. she kissed her finger and pressed it on his lips and said,

"Alan.. you are just like a candle.. all you need is a matchbox.. and I am sorry I am something that can never be less than a wildfire, Goodbye."