To, Future Me💜✨️
Hey Praveee... This is me, your past you. I hope, I am joyfully rich inside and out in my future. I know I'm taking care of my parents, grandma and my brother very well. I know my brother is living his happy dream like he always dreamt of, and my grandma and parents are proud of him too.. I know I'm now a renowned and wise musician, writer and English professor with a doctorate. I hope I made all the money legally through my works, married a wise and compassionate partner of my dream,have two lovely wise children. Now, I know I'm living the Elegant Luxurious life happily and contently by travelling the whole world with my dear family like I always dreamt of. Now I hope, I'm able to balance my life very well in all needed matters. Also, I know I'm owning two Rolls Royce too💜✨️.
© 🐳Praveena🌌✨️