Reversed part 4
Ahh the cold blue ocean, it felt freezing even though I wore tough clothes my inner self was exposed. It turned my body numb from the toes upwards towards the neck, only leaving my head pondering about on its own. I could not shift my direction and look around me after I woke up. The marine life grew hungrier and more aggressive, swaying their hands in the moonlight.
I knew it was only a matter of time, time felt so slow inside my mind after all these thoughts yet only a few minutes had passed. Was it a sense of urgency or my life flashing before my eyes as a way of coping with my mistakes.
Maybe I deserved this fate given to me by the heavens, but it was nor my will or intention to foster a new life.
Night light, darkness arise
Before our very eyes
No story neither a reason
Only pitch black smoke passing through our hearts
Sense of direction only resulted in the concomitant loss of the feeling of sand under my toes, maybe I was upside down heading first with my feet floating in the nothingness. Numbness of my lower body, such a pathetic sight resembeling a rose under the pressure of the rain. Remaining on the earth for the remainder of its life

© Ashy_