The painfully death in your dream
Long time ago lived a man named Peter. He was a police man 👮‍♂️ .As usually one day a case came to him of online fraud he solved it but the person who was doing this fraud had a loss of $800000 which lead to extreme anger of that man he planned to take Peter's life . one day when Peter border his meteo after some time he realizes that every one in the metro except him was of the stone age era he was shocked to see that but even more weard was that everyone was seeing 👀 him only .He got scared and walked out the metro in a hurry🚶‍♂️ .Nothing even weirder every body outside the metro was also of the stone aged era he was in real shock😲 he went to the washroom. and the same thing was there too he went out and started walking really fast at last he saw another mam of his type he was relaxed he told every thing to the man too and the man responded "same here but no need to worry cuz now you don't have to live this life any more" in a very creepy manner and the next moment the man took out a k ife and stabbed it in Peter's stomach and the next second Peter's sister poired water on him and woke up from his dream he told this story to his sister and told "See i told you so many times not to see horror movies in the night... it must be beacause of the moive 'old era death' movie you saw last night ... the story of the movie was exactly the same in the moive too ... don'tyou remember??" Peter replied "you are right i will keep a check on this from the next time . Thankyou " And went to work .