What's up with this celebrity Block out
What's up with this celebrity Block out

So recently, I heard about this movement to “Block out” certain celebrities. It seems like this generation feels like these people haven't done enough for their liking about such things as social justice or what's going on in the world.

Oh, you mean the “influencers” that you made famous by watching their sex tapes? Or their stupid videos? Those influencers? Now you want them to stand up and be more? You made them famous for doing things like sucking d@$k, but now you expect more from them because you made them rich and famous?

Maybe they don't speak out because they saw what happened when all the other celebrities did have a say about something. You told them you didn't like their opinions and tried to cancel them.Those celebrities? Now you want them to speak out?

So which is it people? You want them to speak out, or if not, you'll block them out. Or then if they do speak out and you don't like their opinions and you'll cancel them, which is it? You can't have both, even though you “think” you're entitled to both.

Stop putting your beliefs on others. Maybe they don't believe in what you do. So because they have a different point of view, you will block or cancel them. Who made you God of all social media? No one forced you to follow them or buy their shit or make them rich. Now, because you did, you think you get a say in their lives?

They have no way out here with you people. Either they are damned if they do or damned if they don't. So how about this, how about you get your lazy asses off of the couch and your noses out of your phones and do something your damn self! Wow, there's a concept!
Don't like what's going on in the world. Do something about it. Don't think there is enough change, then be the change you want to see.

So today, my friends, let us not be so fast to judge others. Some people are here just to entertain you with their songs or their movies. They are not your politicians. That's something you actually have to get up to do. So stop being armchair judges and do something yourself for change. Stop celebrity Block Outs.
“Be the change you want to see”

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