We always dream with something, have you ever wondered ? what should it be making all your efforts come true ,it's all the matter of time ,if someone come and tell you that you are not capable, they are wrong, you are the dreamer, dream with eyes open, and live happily.
I will tell you a little story about a teacher, that teacher is me ,I have had many students, and some of them have been rude but regardless the students did their best ,and they were done with their tasks, the teacher always encourage them to talk and stop being shy ,she always did their job and the students were nice to her ,she keep going and smiling at them ,she gave her classes ,and make them smile and feel confident, she was kind ,brave and strong ,happy, when the day arrove everyone has felt sad that was the last day ,she tell them to follow their dreams and never ever give up no matter what ,you have to chase them ,and feel powerful, be strong ,show your best ,doing the things you love .
quote from today :
Believe in yourself♡

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