The scattered struggle for spotlight.
A hurricane of ideas, powerful brain, and a kind heart before sleep cannot with stand the pressure when awake.

Spontaneously described as an fool can’t withstand competition.

Answers always comes to you after the moment is passed.

Why to act abnormal when needed to act smart.

Is it because the situations are unfamiliar to you. Or you desperately want to succeed.

Opportunities only comes when you suck and can’t use them.

When one opportunity is used intellectually all the others are not opportunities they are collaborations.

The loop repeats the time passes and you still miss the rise you need after years. Even you know this. why cannot you act against it?

The lion don’t wait for the prey . It predicts and waits in a “place” to get the prey.

Always wait in the line to start or end your journey. Bunch of contradictory words can define your life state.

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