A miracle cricket match
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" Kumar, the ball!!" Jay shouted, as Kumar was following the action of the batsman.

Kumar looked towards the ball as it passed by his side, with strange tiny bluish spark showing around it. Before he could make any sense, his hand had already caught the ball.
" What is going on..." Kumar whispered.
Jay and others run towards him as he stood there dumbfounded.
" You did it bro, we won the match.. what a catch, what a catch!!" His teammates were jumping with joy.

It all started one fine Sunday, as the group of college mates were having inter batch cricket match. Kumar and Jay were friends and also part of their batch's cricket team.
They were average batsmen, but for a college them, it was good combination.

They had reached the finals for the first time and were working had to win the game. The opposite team was of their 2 year seniors and they had been champion for 2 consecutive years with very strong players.
It was a tough match with many running and injuries. It was one such fall that Kumar had while stopping the boundary that made things weird for him.
" Kumar, are you all right? " Rup called him as he saw Jay was running towards him. He had a nasty fall and his head bumped over the railings.

" Yes, I am alright, nothing to worry.' Kumar said to his teammates, as he went back to his position to field.

But things were not alright. At first he felt little dizzy, but then he saw different colors around players, ball, or anything moving. If he focused to certain colors, it felt like everything is moving slow, and the color sparkle.
" What is happening, where all these colors came from?" he wondered but tried to keep to self as they were on the field.
" Looks like that ball will go over the field,' Jay shouted to Kumar as they looked at the shot played.

" Do you see that bluish light around that ball" Kumar asked Jay as they both were looking toward the ball going high towards the boundaries. It was consecutive six by the batsman.
" I don't see anything blue." Jay answered with puzzled expression.
" So, only I could see this" Kumar thought while straining his eyes to see the ball. And then suddenly his eyesight got sharper and he could see small bluish sparkle, while every movements got slower. The chase of ball by fielder, the running legs of the batsman, and most importantly the ball movement towards the boundary.

" Move towards your left, ball is coming! " Kumar shouts to his teammates as he could now see the direction of shots and movement of ball.
" It was a great catch! " commentator shouted as the crowd cheers. They have taken the wicket of the dangerous batsman.
Slowly Kumar gave directions to other teammates and they restricted the flow of runs with last wicket remaining.
"Six balls in one over with one wicket remaining," commentator exclaimed, "What a match."
The batting team started playing in singles and soon only 2 run needed of last 2 balls.
" All the players, come closer. There is no point saving boundaries." Captain ordered everyone. Kumar was tasked to stand closer to the Batsman as he was most alert in the team.
The ball came, and the batsman swings the bat. Before anyone could react, ball went towards their direction and rest was history.
" Today you were the MVP. How did you do that?" Jay congratulated Kumar as they were returning back.
" I don't know, ball got slower when I tried to follow it." Kumar replied with a confused tone.
" You mean you could see it slow motion?" Jay questioned, as he contemplated his reply.
" Yes, I feels so, and the last ball, even my body reacted on its own." Kumar said.
"Yes, the last catch was so low, it was impossible to take!!" Jay added," we were so surprised."
" I just hope, it's not one day miracle, and maybe I have a superpower! " Kumar said with a big smile and Jay had a chuckle.
" Let's go and have a party" Jay said loudly as they catch up with their teammates and started laughing loudly.
" Today was fun."

© Dr. Manish Rout