High school students skipping (practice)
Aidan snickered as the foosteps of ms Lewis passed, Julian nudged him and snarled through his teeth "We are going to caught with all that noise!" Aidan scowled "well, if we do, detention isn't any worsevthan the classes"
Julian shook his head and aidan acowled even more terribly than before, then preceeded to chuckle some more before waving his hand."Come on, i think we are good to go!" The two boys slipped out of bathroom they had been hiding in, striding hastfully towards the door they had been stalking, t chhe exit.

They found themselves out on the parking lot and the sun blazing down on top of them. "ah, its so bright i cant even see" aidan grunted, rubbing his eyes as they adjusted. Julian looked around, he cautiously surveyed the parking lot in front of them, it was completely full minus one car.

"Alright where is the car?" Julian requested. "I left it down that road" aidan replied, pointing towards a dead end just outside of the campus grounds. "ok well lets get there quickly" said Julian. They made there way over to the fence, jumping it one after the other. Once they were both over, they gound themselves on a sidewalk leading down a suburban road full of houses on the opposite side. "Ah the quitest time of the day" aidan declared. He was infact quite right, not a single car passed by, not a soul was to be seen. Even the cats hid under the parked cars from the sunny spring day.

Julian looked down the dead end Aidan had pointed to as they approached. Allt the way at the end sat a bright red mazda RX, a 2 door sports sedan decked out with a heavy spoiler, skirts and golden rims. "Oh yes there is my girl" jeered aidan with his characteristic smirk. "good thinking" julian said with as he observed the car " we would have been stuck behind the campus gates at this time had you not parked it out here. Aidan shrugged "I guess im just one step ahead huh!"

The pair entered the car, Aidan was going to drive so Julian entered the passanger seat. "Alright so this job downtown where is it?" asked aidan. Julian took out his laptop from the storage compartment and propped it open. "Its old brucy, you remember him? he sells all the old parts for super cheap" Aidan scartched his head "huh i wonder what he could want, he is kind of successful somehow or another."

--To be continued.
(Just practice for now i guess)