I died, AGAIN
Last night, at about 2:49am thereabout... the dead of the night, it was raining heavily with thunder and lightening, so scary. I was pressed to to take a leak (pee) but reluctant all thanks to being drowsy and depleted from the effect of medication I had swallowed before going to bed.
Unwilling, I managed to stand up dragging my feet like a man who's tipsy from gulping too much alcohol. No, I didn't take alcohol, just my malaria meds, and believe me, it drains potency off my lanky body, either way I managed to open my rusty door with creaky noise.
I walked gently leaning by the wall slowly evading the rain to the backyard just around where hoodlums had made their weed-joint to pass out all the water I had gulped earlier after taking my medication before bed.
As I stood, frosty and staggering to pee in the gross darkness, I immediately had a weird feeling, like uh... a sudden sensation, felt it moved past me in an instant, swift as breeze and my body jingled in fear like glass clattering against itself, only then my dimming sleepy eyes balls bulged wide open almost out of it sockets; and my bent head rose from my shoulders turning backwards and sideways immediately, looking and searching for what it was and unexpectedly I gazed on a figure lurking in the dark l, just uh... distance away from me.
Terrified, 'jeeezz, god!' I muttered within, who is that?? what could be creeping in the dark at this hour, whispering again, to myself but I was scared, and my cold shaky legs stuck to the drenched floor, I couldn't move let alone run. what I had seen in the darkness was overwhelming, it crippled my being.
Vague, but I saw a dark figure; it took the shape of a man, but taller and bigger in all black regalia. He had a horn between his eyes like that of a unicorn, and wore the smell of death from where it stood, reeking of blood. The creature stood like the 'White-walker Night king' who comes to take little children turning them into monsters, but this is not Winter, I mumbled, this is not Winterfell nor even Game of thrones. What is he looking for I muttered, again, in fear.
I looked closely, he wield a weapon, like uh... a trident, like poisedon's (sea god) trident, which he reeled and swung continuously toward me...
As I trembled and stared powerless, the beast began walking towards me, slowly. But frozen, I couldn't move nor even scream for help, not even to my Lover who was sleeping and snoring like a log of wood inside our small room after the hectic day she had. So, I stood there helplessly like I was being hypnotized by a sorceress magic wand, cursed to die cheaply.
In that moment, gripped with fear, I felt goosebumps, shivers running down my spine, my chest racing faster, urine splattering all over my pant and feet, tears rolling down my cheek, I had lost my grip and my lips partially paralyzed could only mutter words slowly again and again, trying to call for help, praying to every known and unknown god; father, Lord, Allah, Jesus, but no one heard nor came to rescue me, and inside of me I had given in to despair standing alone.
I kept panting asking myself if this is my unfortunate fate, if this is how I die, killed in a greusome way by a ruthless monster with some dangerous weapon and left to die behind our mud house, gutted like a pig, like no one...
As the creature drew closer to me, he swung the trident and struck my bare chest deep, and deeper finding my heart, twisting every part of it as I stood there watching myself drown in a pool of my own blood, and while I couldn't move he pulled the trident out and struck me again, this time thrusting the weapon through my neck, and I began choking.
Dying and bleeding, I fell like a log of wood to the drenched floor spilled with my blood. As my body hit the ground with blood and frosty water, I woke up immediately, aggressively, trying to scream like one who was been choke to death by a witch. My eyes blinking wide open as I stood up, sat on the mattress breathing heavily, checking my whole body for blood, stab wounds and water, but nothing.
oh god, I am dried and unhurt. It was a dream! a bad dream. I had woken up from a nightmare. I'm alive, not dead I muttered with a sigh of relief. I drew breathe in and out and turned to my Lover to see if she had noticed a thing, but no, she was still heavily asleep and snoring even louder...
so I laid back but couldn't sleep, just terrified and having flashes of the monster thinking he may be back for me, this time in reality. I don't want to die, again.
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