Revenge ( story part: 15 )
Dylan pulls Eun-sook closer to him. And said to kai," Kai... me and Eun sook we both are in relationship."

Kai: What ? ( looks at Eun sook for her reply )

Eun Sook smiles at Dylan and then looks at Kai and says, "Dylan is telling the truth. Come on now don't react like you've never seen any couple!"

Hualing also couldn't believe it after hearing that Dylan and Eun Sook already in a relationship. She then looks at kai. Hualing realized that Kai must have felt a lot of pain after hearing this, just like she felt when Kai rejected her.

Dylan then tells Eun Sook to go and rest and she leaves. Dylan came to Kai and said," Kai I know you can't believe hearing that we are in a relationship but it's true. i like her and she likes me too I won't say anything more, I'm going to rest, I'm quite tired.

Dylan also left from there, kai standing there in the same position. It seemed as if he was lost in some thoughts. The blanket that Eun-sook was covered with, kai holds the blanket tightly in his hands and tears start falling from his eyes.

Seeing Kai sad, Hualing's eyes filled with tears. Hualing puts her hand on Kai's shoulder and started to comfort him.

Kai then suddenly hugs Hualing while crying, which Hualing didn't expect. She is surprised, and she comforts Kai by patting his head.

In Eun sook and Hualing room....

Hualing: Eun Sook when did you two get into a relationship? You two were like friends till you went to petrol the town !

Eun-sook: All this happened quickly... (blushed) And let me tell you some good news, I found my mom.

Hearing this, Hualing exclaimed loudly, "Really!!!" Eun sook nods while smiling...

Hualing: I'm really happy for you, baby!!! ( hugs her) I also want to meet your mom.

Eun sook: sure

Then Eun Sook remembered Kai. And asked Hualing," Hualing...kai seemed a bit different today. He doesn't always behave like this, just now when Dylan said that we both are in a relationship, his facial expression changed quickly. Like he was not at all happy about this.

Hualing: He wasn't happy because he wanted to be in a relationship with you instead of Dylan.

Hearing this, Eun Sook looks at Hualing.

Eun Sook: What are you saying?

Hualing: Kai liked you from the beginning. He was just about to tell you his feelings when Dylan snatched that opportunity.

Eun Sook: You knew this. then what about you? You also like Kai, you should go and tell him your feelings !!

Hualing: I said but he immediately rejected me. (smiles)

Eun Sook: When did you proposed him ?

Hualing: When we went to the river.

Eun Sook doesn't understand what to say in this situation. Eun Sook is feeling sad thinking about Hualing.

A few hours later, when Hualing fell asleep, Eun Sook got up, slowly opened the door and went outside.

There she saw Kai sitting alone and went to him.

She quietly went and sat near Kai. Kai looked at Eun Sook and asked, "Eun Sook? What are you doing here at this time?"

Eun Sook: Hualing told me everything. I'm sorry, even if you had proposed me earlier, even that time my choice would always be Dylan.

Kai smiles and said," I know" I am happy for both of you.

Eun Sook: are you telling the truth

Kai nods.... seeing this Eun sook smiled.

Eun Sook: But there was a girl who loves you very much.

Hearing this, Kai looks at Eun-sook and asks, "Which girl are you talking about ?"

Eun Sook: Hualing...

Hearing this, Kai bursts into laughter. And said to Eun sook," Is this your way of making me laugh? It was very wierd...."

Eun Sook: Hualing had already proposed to you near the river, if you remember this!

To be continued

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