A Romantic Revenge part -4
now she understood this is the voice of her crush. She stopped and turn back to him ......"no,no, thanks to you. you are the one who actually helped me back there."

"yo're most welcome. By the way what class are you in ?"

"9th class Music department."

" I see you are new then . It's in the second floor, so don't get lost in this new world."

It sounds childish at first but she get his point after entering in to main campus. It's true Gurukul High is like another world any one can get lost here. Starting from gate to the main building the campus is designed finely maintaining the gothic presence of glorious 50 years.

(Now readers may  think that again author is busy describing his/ her own imagination but please keep patience cause it is important to know the structure of the school before we get into the story)

There is a fountain in the middle of the campus and water is devided into 5 streams which ends up in the big mouth of
5 white lion sculpture. The main building has 4 stories . The ground floor has large practice rooms and gyms for sports,Music
and Dance departments. The classroom starts from  1st floor ( 5th,6th,7th). The 2nd floor have 8th, 9th and 10th class and
3rd floor is booked for the senior years.

Kuhu walked up the stairs wondering around the school those woden doors , big statues, large framed pictures are totally new and different from her previous school. The bell rang when the big grandfather clock hanging in the group floor wall ticked to 11. Kuhu almost ran to the second classroom, the teacher coming behind from her gestured to come with him.

Both of them entered the classroom bigger
than her previous school's auditorium. The students stood up from their serially arranged benches down to upright structure. It reminds Kuhu the image of the tea garden in Assam.

" Students this your new classmate Kuhu. She transferred from XYZ high
with scholarship in music department
that's why I say you guys to study a bit hard."

" Yes sir , so that we can be tortured by you teachers in an assilem like this."

A rocky boy no no noo it's a girl from the back benches said out loud . All the students bursed in a big laughter .

" Shut up you bunch of slut . That's why I doesn't like to teach in this batch. Because of guys like you Gurukul is lossing it's 50 years of glory. Let's put this aside ,kuhu introduce yourself."

Kuhu stepped forward to the teachers
Platform and started to give intro.

" Hello, my name is Kuhu Lama , and i am in the music department, i am looking forward to make friends with you. Thank you"

( Information:- every department have to study general English, mathematics
and  2nd language Hindi / Assamese . It is the sense of English class)

Kuhu said all these with a shy smile in her face , sometimes looking at her boots and sometimes to the class . Everyone have their own opinions about this simple looking girl , wearing black framed glasses , and with short curly hair . Like-

" Hey who is this pig , she got a scholarship!"

" Come on you boys are too judgemental just see she so cute"

" I am just saying the truth, who do you think will hire her in this competitive music industry"
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