how to lose a guy in 10 days what inspired me to be a journalist.
This movie inspired me to be a journalist.

I am pursuing a career in this soon enough.

The moral of this movie is Andie works in composure magazine.
She is a how to girl.

She asked , "Her boss if she can publish a piece she is working that has nothing to do with fashion or skin care.

Her boss," tells her until you come up with a piece that can put you Over the top, you will write about what I want you to write about."

Her friend she works with couldn't come up with an article to write because , she had sex with a guy she was dating after 2 days and says I love you.

She tells her boss and she says write about it.
Michelle says," I Can't use my personal life for a story."
Her boss says, Who will do Michelle's story?"

Andie says, I will, well I will sorta do it, in reverse. "
Her boss says , "What not to do. "

She had 10 days to drive a guy away.

Odd part She meets Matthew McConaughey character, who works in sports and equipment. and trying to Crack the jewelry promotion.

They go on a date until the fun begins.
She asked, What do you do for work ben? He tells her what he does.
Her answer saving the world one keg party at a time.

He asked her the same question. she tells him. "His joke, saving the world one shopaholic at a time."
She says, I want to write about things that matter.
"His answer is like what shoes?"
No, like world history. "

That's why I must have had so much passion for writing because, that's what I'm doing now for free.
I just want my writing to make a difference in the world.

I want to be doing it as a career and my work being published, would be the most amazing accomplishment like andie how to girl, but she is following her dreams too.
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