Dracula Reborn: The Dark Priest
"Evil is conjured, never created."

"All things created are never new."

7-4 BC (approx)

"Water! We need to clean him up," a midwife called to the servant. The child was covered in blood, dripping and bluish-purple. Eyes still closed, mouth full of fluid. She stuck her fingers in his mouth and removed any excess, and snipped the umbilical cord at the navel. Patting it on its bottom, he made a soft cooing sound, but cried not; instead looking at her with knowing eyes. The baby was wrapped in swaddling clothes, as is customary in a stable, and placed in a manger. And the animals were calm, at rest.

That is until, a moment later, a shrieking cry was heard again from the mother. And as she continued her unearthly wails, another fetus began to exit her womb. Unexpected, the midwife was shocked with eyes wide open. It was definitely smaller and features much more pronounced. Eyes protruding from an already lower brow and oblong forehead. It had no hair anywhere, and his hands and feet looked too big for the rest of his features. There was a protrusion from the head and behind him, but too small to tell their shape and size at his birth. Everyone screamed, and the animals were in a frenzy. The baby was deathly still, not a single spasm or convulsion. When he was cleaned, she patted him, still no movement. In spite of the ugliness of its form, the mother cried as they took it forth and cast it outside the barn window. It landed in an empty trough, left alone and desolate.

But a stranger saw the whole occasion....

33-38 AD (approx)

"Woman, behold, thy son. Father, into Thy hands I lay to rest."

When the child gave up the spirit, another form came forth from the shadows and approached the body and made a small incision at the hip. blood trickled between his lips as his eyes lit up for the first time in a long time. And another form also emerged from the shadows and pulled him back to into the shadows. Then the day continued to give way to the darkness as the Sun shone not, and the moon became became as blood. The stars were hidden behind an invisible hand, and the blackness which fell upon the land was so thick it pained all those afflicted. The veil in the temple tore as an earthquake ravaged the land and then hail began to fall. A decree was made to retrieve the bodies quickly as the legs were broken, and by evidence of the shedding of blood was his body confirmed dead. His corpse was wrapped quickly and laid within a newly hewn tomb by a wealthy nobleman, and sealed with the Roman centurions keeping guard. The spear, nails and cross too were buried afar off away from the body in an undisclosed area, separate from each other. Also it was decreed no one should step up "that place" upon which his blood was shed.

But the shadows knew ...

70 AD (approx)

"Give us the bindings and spear, and we shall spare your pitiful life such as it is oh mighty prophet!"
John looked to the beyond, glassy eyed. Half his body already emersed. "You will never reach the truth. The location dies with me. Behold, I see the Son of Man sitting at the right Hand of the Father!"
And with a final yeowl, John gave up the ghost. Then they lowered the rest of his corpse into the oil and there left it to dissolve into its vat.

325 AD (approx) Council of Nicaea

"Isn't it apparent that the body of the Lord has never been found, and that the disciples deceived those of light learning that he escaped death!"
"It is not for us to judge those things to which people hold as tradition," the Cardinal replied. "Just for us to continue to allow the principles of Constantine to spread throughout the world." Then he smiled. "If they wish to believe a myth, so long as they pay tribute, who are we to stop them. Let them have their lies."

Then from the shadows, a form came amongst them. "We would have the bindings and spear of him?"

"The bindings you may have, for the tribute in excess was paid," the Cardinal replied. "but the spear is hidden, even from us, as you well know."

"Give us then the papyrus!*

"Sorry, we cannot."

"Then a pox too be upon your heads," the shadowy figure proclaimed. "Yet, from your generosity with the bindings, we shall offer eternal life to all those who walk in our light, and a curse upon those who do not!" And the shadow again disappeared in the dark corner of the room.

Before the turn of millenia 1 AD (approx)

"And as we come upon this time, has the spear been acquired. Now will our Lord be born unto us in a new flesh having all things delivered to his hands upon his birth!"

1431 AD (approx)

And a shadow fell across the land as the abomination emerged from the womb, eyes shiny as fire, with a tail and horns. It ripped from her stomach and killed the mother in the process. And there was a chuckle in the midst of these things as the shadows rejoiced in chants and praise. Then the babe, still dirty in blood and placenta, was vomited on by all in attended; adding to the blood covering, spilling into its mouth and throat. And even as a babe, it cried out and spoke; first in Hebrew, then Latin and Greek. And they left the babe unclothed, and naked. Before their very eyes, it changed into that of a serpent and lashed out at each of them, striking their necks, everyone, and drained them all of their blood and grew into a small boy on that day.

Yes, on the selfsame day, the babe walked among men!

1476 AD (approx)

"You fools, by killing my love do you not realize you have taken away the lynchpin to my humanity?" He exclaimed. Then He cried out in a loud voice. "father into 'your' hands I commend my spirit."

And then they burned Lord Dracul at the stake, and quartered his corpse by head, torso, arms and legs. They buried them separately, two meters apart and down. And no human knows of his locations; but the shadows watched on!

1945 AD (approx)

"Because you have broken the pact," the shadow proclaimed, "you shall not inherit eternal life with us. However, our enemy sees in your soul redemption for fulfilling your purpose. That is our payment to you for your service to us. May you perish well."
And upon these words, Hitler killed his wife, and himself. Then the shadows fed upon his corpse, and that of his wife. And the Dark Priest was there among them, commanding that they part and bury their bodies in an undisclosed location.

2001 AD (approx)

And on a clear sunshine day, were they gathered into one place. The buildings caught fire, and crumbled; signifying Death unleashed upon the whole Earth. For, soon shall the resurrection of the Dark Angel be made manifest.

2016 AD (approx)

"We have reserved this place for him," the Dark Priest proclaimed.
"But why," he asked. "The populace will never believe, nor concede to this loss when so many voted for her!"
"Their belief," the Dark Priest replied, "is no longer of consequence. We have them!"

2024 AD (approx)

And he stood in the midst of the newly quartered land and proclaimed these words. "Behold, your Lord and Savior!"


"And when Ishmael was given these words, he joined forces with the Shadows. For they accepted him as a Brother, as the light of Abraham left him. But the shroud of Darkness comforted him still.*

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