Girls power
They were four sisters Amelia,Alicia ,Adora ,Olivia
Amelia was 19
Alicia was 18
Adora was 16
Olivia was 15+
they grew up together in a small house that they later turned into a Mansion they had no parents and no brother they were all alone. they have different characters.As in Amelia was business addicted
Alicia was a Ninja
Adora was a simple hacker
Olivia was chemical solution
they were always busy with one thing or the other but although they were very beautiful girls they hated men with passion.their father was a drunkard and a dirty smoker in the presence of the girls he always beat up your mother (Serina) 4 little mistakes sometimes when he comes home him in a very drunk state the girls try to hide their mother and their father (Bobby) doesn't see the mother he hit the children and when the mother sees this she comes from a hiding spot and retaliate.Bobby a shameless father had given all his children a scar from one thing she had done Amelia scar was on top of her eye this happened when she tried to defend her sister Alicia scar was on her middle finger when she was trying to defend her mother in a style called middle punch.adora scar was on her neck while trying to hack her dad Instagram page Olivia's scar was on top of her eye she was was singing in her room her drunk father came and threw a broken bottle of whiskey at her and it hit her eye.
After everything their father died from liver issue and their mother also died sadly from hypertension
and since then the four sisters have decided to stay on each other side
Amelia's boss was kidnapped by strong goons men who demanded a big ransom of 5 million dollars from Amelia .Amelia decided to investigate the matter with her four sisters so side by side they went to the place with a foolproof plan Amelia took a bag with the five million dollars she saw her boss manager with 10 goons around him then little ninja jumps and kicks and fight and slapped and even punched and before you know it they were all down she untied the boss manager and started running with him while little hacker Adora run to open the l money laundry of the goons she takes all the money and leaves . Amelia was so busy looking at the whole situation that she forgot the bag that was close to her a goon took the bag and start running away but she does not attempt to pursue the goon the sisters gather together Adora Alicia Olivia ask Amelia why did you allow the goon to take the bag of money but Amelia replies "that there is only $5 in the bag so there's nothing to worry about"The boss manager impressed promotes Amelia and it ends happily