Revenge (story part: 18)
The man who killed Eun Sook's dad and who tortured her mom turns out to be Dylan's dad.

Dylan is very nervous about this and cannot believe that the man is his dad. When Kai saw, he also felt as if he had seen this man before somewhere.

Kai remembers a picture of Dylan standing with his dad. And this man also looks like Dylan's dad.

Kai looked at Dylan and said, "Dylan, this is your ?"

Rick comes forward and Eun Sook stops him.

Rick: You are wearing this army dress, so do you think I will get scared? Get out of the way or I know how to remove it.

Eun Sook: stay away from my mom

Hearing this, Rick stopped at his place and started looking at Eun Sook carefully.

Rick: your mom?

Rick remembered that this was the same little girl whom his friends were trying to kill but failed.

Rick: (Claps his hands.) nice nice nice….. You turned around and came under my finger again.
(He started looking at Eun Sook carefully from head to toe)
Now you have become more beautiful than your mother. (evil laughs)

Hearing this, Hualing gets angry and says, "Keep your mouth shut!!"

Some man came near Rick and whispered something in his ear, hearing which Rick sat in his car and drove away.

Eun Sook: Hey!!! Are you scared? Come back here!

Eun Sook and her friends feel that her mom is not safe anymore, so they take Eun Sook's mom with them to the camp.

And Eun Sook and his friends buried Alice in a nearby cemetery.

Night time....

Dylan is sitting alone in the dark. Eun Sook comes to him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Eun Sook: What happened to you ?

Dylan can't figure out what to say to Eun Sook. He is afraid that Eun Sook will start hating Dylan after hearing that the man is Dylan's dad.

Dylan: I didn't know..... that man had treated you and your countrymen so badly.

Eun Sook: I have wanted one thing since childhood and that is revenge against that man!
If he had not been here then my mom would have been safe and my dad would have been alive today!!

Hearing this, Dylan bows his head. And when Eun Sook saw him, she asked, "What happened to you? You look a little nervous."

Dylan can't control his emotions....He is trying to laugh but his smile is fake and it is clearly visible on his face.

Eun Sook: Are you really okay?

Dylan doesn't want to sit with Eun Sook more so he makes Eun Sook out of his room and says, "I have a headache, we'll talk later."

Kai came there and asked Eun Sook who is standing outside of the room, "Why are you standing outside here, isn't Dylan inside?"

Eun Sook: He was the one who just took me out of the room.

Kai was surprised to hear this. Eun Sook went back and Kai went inside the room. Seeing darkness in the room, he turns on the light.

Seeing the sudden light, Dylan closed his eyes.

Kai: What were you doing in the dark? And Eun Sook was standing outside angrily, did you make her angry?

Dylan shakes his head... Kai saw a photo of Dylan and his dad in Dylan's hand.

Kai: Dy....

Dylan: Leave me alone for a while.

To be continued

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