Unreachable chapter 2
Students: what do u want for lunch ?

Ron: Yo
" you didn't get lunch for you boss today?"

Myles: he's got legs

Ron : pfft ,you're usually stuck on Jimmy like glue.

Did you wake up on the wrong side of....

DRRRRK ______




Myles : Not my problem Ron.

Ron : ...... "What happened?

in lunch break ~~

Ron : Hey Hey Hey
Myles is right there

Jimmy: ......

Ron : Myles! there's an empty seat over here !

I saved you a spot...!

Jimmy: Ron !-

Myles: ignored


Ron : ooo, Myles doesn't want you anymore .

Jimmy: Shut up.

Myles: "why does he keep staring at me...

Jimmy: Stare _____ _____

Myles: He never pays attention to me ......"

Ron : oh Jimmy-

what's up with your puppy?

he's not
chasing you around today?

Jimmy: who knows, maybe he finally gave up .

Ron : oy, that's weird. or maybe he found someone new to follow around.

Yoo ~

Lunch is really good today.
you haven't your food??

Jimmy: "not touching this mass - produced stuff ".

Ron : ???


next chapter is coming soon is couple of minutes 🙌

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