Ghost of my life
Chapter 1 daddy

mama had been driving for hours we were on our way to our new home in Berkeley springs West Virginia, as we drove started to feel sick sick to my stomach I get car sickness on long car rides, I thought maybe I could hold it in but first I felt the acidic burning in my throat and all too familiar gagging sensation I told Daddy that I was feeling like I was going to throw up, he turned around and held his finger up to my nose and said "you better not I swear if you do your ass will be Black and Blue by the time I'm done with you" mama got angry and told Daddy to be nice and she pulled over and told me to get out to go to the grass next to large open field full of cows, but not in time I threw up in the car all over my little sister Katie she's about two at the time, she started crying I started crying and daddy well daddy he was screaming mama she was cussing, I'll never forget that day that was the last day we were all together.

we pulled up to the house it looked weird to me paint chipping off kudzu Vines growing up the sides breaking in and out of the siding of the house, windows sit at a tilt grass up to my neck and when we got inside everything is covered in dust Mama started coughing but she didn't care it was our first place that was all ours she said straight away and putting everything on shelves setting up beds Daddy was checking and changing locks and by the time we were done it was night fall. mama told Daddy that someone was going to have to go to the store and get at least something for us to eat for dinner even if it was cold ramen daddy agreed and took Katie with him so is to give Mama a break me and Mama sat at the table as she continued to take dishes out of boxes and put them up in the cabinets I remember soft glow off mama's honey hair and she turned around and smiled at me sweetly. " Dani I know you're just gonna love it here" she said smile getting even bigger mama was the most beautiful lady in the world to me honey colored hair and big green eyes her face heart shaped and littered with freckles, Katie looked just like mamma too same eyes same hair and covered in freckles. daddy got home from the store around 10 that night with a knocked out Katie in his arms "little firecracker didn't even make in to the stop and shop" daddy whispered passing her off to mama to take to bed I could hear mamma tucking her in and telling her good night and saying how much she loved her while daddy started getting down a pot and filling it with water. "so sprouts you ready to decorate your room with us tomorrow?" daddy asked me I sat up on my knees in the chair with a big smile on my face "YES!" I shouted with excitement and mama shushed me as she came around the corner into the kitchen slash dinning room. dinner was good daddy had made ramen just like he said he would, my eyes started to dropped closed as I sat at the table daddy noticed then I was to told to go and get ready for bed. when I left the kitchen mama and daddy were standing in front of the sink mama washing a pot as daddy stood behind her humming a song and swaying back and forth they were going to be so happy here, I got to the bathroom at the end of the hall right next to my bedroom grabbed the stool and turned the sink on to brush my teeth, as I was finishing up I heard mama and daddy starting to yell I heard a glass plate smash in the kitchen I hopped down from the stool and started back towards the kitchen the yelling got louder as I got closer, I didn't hear what they were saying because the moment I came around the corner daddy rushed past me and went straight to there room and slammed the door shut. in the kitchen mama was crying at the table visibly upset. "mama?" I spoke keeping my voice low mama sat up and looked at me with surprise " I'm so sorry baby daddy's just tired,you want me to tuck you in?" I nodded and mama got up and walked me to my room then pulled back the covers and helped me in she covered me up and tucked my blanket around me she then kissed me on the forehead and handed me my teddy bear. mama got up told me she loved me and to have sweet dreams then flipped the lights off and walked out I saw her go straight to the bathroom and shut the door, as I started to fall asleep I heard the shower start and the sound sent me straight to sleep.

I awoke with a jolt sitting up in bed feeling like something was wrong I slowly pulled my covers back and started to step down out of bed, I crept quietly towards the bathroom and opened the door I really needed to pee, I was about to turn on the lights when something caught my eye a hand hanging out of the side of the tub, it had to be mama I thought but why is she in the tub with the lights off I felt a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach it felt like had eaten moths , I got closer and saw the bath water it was so dark pure black I turned and looked at Mama's face,my eyes grew and I held in a scream, in the middle of Mama's face was a giant bloody gapping hole and behind I could see blood coved the wall with chunks of something. tears started to run down my face mama was dead that I knew I backed up slowly and then thought about Katie then thought about daddy I needed to get to Katie I needed to make sure she's okay,I turned around and ran out and down the hallway that's when I got to Katies room and stopped in my tracks I saw daddy standing over Katies bed with something in his hands, it was a gun and then a pop and I screamed and Katies blood splattered everything hitting me in the face I froze daddy looked at me and started to come after me, he came around the bed with what used to be my little sister I turned finally and ran and headed straight for the back door I unlocked in time and threw it open I heard daddy running after me so I sprinted down the steps into the uncut tall grass "DANI!!!!!!!!" I heard daddy yell but I just kept running I started to sob the visions of mama and Katie dead kept playing in my head as I ran , how could daddy do that ?? why would daddy do that? my 8 Year old brain could not comprehend it, I ran and ran threw the grass and into the woods I knew daddy wouldn't stop till he found me and finished what he started, I kept going till I saw a hallow tree a got inside and tried not to make any noise. minutes went by and I heard another loud pop and knew daddy was gone I was covered in blood and cuts from running then because of either fear or exhaustion I passed out.