Shiv (Historical Story)
Shiv ji was an Aghori monk. Who used to do penance in the forests of Kailash. He carried a trident with him and wore tiger skin as a garment. He used to wear many types of Rudraksha beads and kept his favorite snake kept by him hanging around his neck and spent most of the time in penance. He had a cow whom he named Nandi. He used to travel to far-flung areas many times and help people and do good deeds for them. Gradually they became prevalent and popular among the people. Brahma's son Daksha had a daughter named Sati who loved Shiva and wanted to marry him. Daksha considered himself greater than Shiva, that is why he did not listen to Sati. Shiva and Sati got married without Daksha's wish. One day in a ceremony, Shiva did not bow down to Daksha while standing in front of him. Daksh felt very insulted. He decided to take revenge. Daksha performed a yajna and invited many kings and sages except Shiva. Sati felt very bad. She went to meet her father. Daksha insulted Shiva in front of everyone. Sati could not tolerate this and she gave her life by jumping in the sacrifice of Yagya. Enraged, Shiva started the dance orgy. After that they reached there to kill Daksha. But after Brahma Dev apologized, he left King Daksh. After that Shiva left from there with the dead body of Sati. At that time tears were flowing from his eyes. Sati's body was cremated. For many days he got engaged in penance with such a sad heart. King Himwant and his wife Menadevi were devotees of Lord Shiva. King Himwant and his wife Menadevi had a daughter named Parvati. When Parvati started speaking, the first word that came out of her mouth was Shiva. She grew up to be a very beautiful girl. Meanwhile, Shivji, saddened by the death of his wife, had started a long meditation. Himwant was apprehensive that Lord Shiva might not accept Parvati as his wife because of being in deep meditation. He called Narada to solve the problem. Narad told him that Parvati could win Shiva's heart through penance. Himwant sent Parvati to Shiva only. Parvati worshiped and served him day and night. Shivji was very pleased with Parvati's devotion, but he decided to test her. He sent one of his devotees, a young Brahmin, to him. Devotees went to Parvati and said that it would not be right to marry Shiva who lives like a beggar. Parvati got very angry hearing this. She clearly said that she will not marry anyone except Shiva. Satisfied with his answer, Shiva agreed to marry Parvati. Himwant got both of them married with pomp. After a few years they had two sons. Whom he named Ganesh and Karthik.