Red desert part 2
Red sand, calls of the wind. Swaying and whistling forming a tornado, a storm was taking form. I was sound asleep yet i could feel the lingering thoughts of darkness arriving. The strong turbulence woke me, i came to the realization that the camel had disappeared. My head rested upon the sand and covered in soil. The sand pierced through the winds like a javelin thrown downwards from the heavens, the beacon of light ever so warm up on the sky disappeared interchanging between the moon and the glamerous sun. The arabian desert on the andalusian nights, and its stars hanging like decorations lit up the night. Yes, the contrast between red and blue moonlight. What a lamented piece of painting, through its image the details entangles the true beauty that feels more surreal in experience. My body shrugged off the remainding sand making its home upon me day by day, i stood up barely in psychial shape. I rubbed my eyes of the strain that had gathered under my eyelids.