Demon of ideas
Demon of ideas

A month ago, while I was flipping through Instagram, I found a message from a stranger telling me how are you? so I responded spontaneously and said

I'm fine , what are you doing, what is your name, and so on

After that, we sat talking about the Korean series page, and it became clear that she loves this Korean series very much. I said okay, I also love this series very much.

And we talked a lot and we became very good friends until I found that she was writing strange letters about evil things and things she dreams about about monsters that I am supposed to be with and listen to both of them and I am not supposed to be afraid of them and that they will help me make the page of these Korean dramas bigger and I am supposed to write spells like this I told her what is this why she told me * it is not your business , you want many followers

I'm sure not. I won't write spells. I mean, because it doesn't matter. I won't go down to this level, and I'll let demons help me.

She sent a voicemail, but this time her voice was terrifying and she said you listenwhat I am saying I made a log out of the page and made a research about it from another account. She wrote a word in English like this above in her bio. Translating it, I found that it means Satan. The problem is that she is the devil that the Korean series is based on. She said that this series she loves. I immediately entered her page and blocked her. But I hope you don't catch me from another account, because I'm afraid, but thank God, at the right time, and I revealed her truth and I didn't listen to her words.
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