Ver’Tale Saxon
Ver’Tale Lonie Saxon was born in McCormick South Carolina on June 15 1935 she was portrayed by Sir Calvin Nance in his 2024 skit on YouTube called Elderly Cousins Argue. Ver’Tale sits in an electric motor wheelchair she can’t walk Ver’Tale thinks her son Ben doesn’t care about her at all Ver’Tale has 12 children and three grandchildren. When Ver’Tale was 21 years old she briefly married her brother Carter one day she found out that her and him were siblings she had got upset and hasn’t spoken to her brother Carter ever since. One day something was wrong with her wheelchair her son tried to fix it but when he fixed her wheelchair she sat in it but fell through it so her old wheelchair is broke they threw it away and they ordered her an electric wheelchair instead. Ver’Tale and her cousin Connor Sr. Argued in the 2024 YouTube skit made by Sir Calvin Connor claimed that she was rude and Ver’Tale claimed her son Ben didn’t care about her at all but that’s not true Connor ask Ver’Tale to be nice and Ver’Tale finally agreed to be nice it made Connor happy then Ver’Tale’s electric wheelchair started dying on her she ask Connor to go get her charger for her electric motorized wheelchair so it could charge.

Family Idunna Humphrey (Mother Deceased) Creed Humphrey (Father Deceased)
Sugar Lee Dansby (Sister Deceased)
Julius Humphrey (Brother Deceased)
Carter Williams (Brother Deceased)
Bertha Mae Hemphill (Sister)
Regina Steinburg (Sister)
Oliver Saxon Sr. (Husband Deceased)
Ben Saxon (Son)
Cora Saxon (Daughter)
Oliver Saxon Jr. (Son Deceased)
Virginia Saxon Calhoun (Daughter)
Robbie Saxon (Son)
Stephen Saxon (Son)
Kevin Saxon (Son)
Lillian Saxon Simmons (Daughter)
Joshua Saxon (Son)
Katie Saxon Moon (Daughter)
Donna Saxon Whitherspoon (Daughter Deceased)
Billy Saxon (Son)
Leslie Saxon Boosden (Granddaughter)
Solomon Saxon (Grandson)
David Whitherspoon (Grandson)
Carey Dansby Cartwright (Niece)
Melvin Dansby (Nephew)
Norman Dansby (Nephew)
Sylvia Cartwright (Niece)
Jared Hemphill (Nephew)
Andy Hemphill (Nephew)
Trevor Hemphill (Nephew)
Anthony Hemphill (Nephew)
Antwon Steinburg (Nephew)
Antwon Steinburg Jr. (Great Nephew)
Nya Steinburg (Great Niece)
Harriet Speilburg (Grandmother Deceased)
Johnny Speilburg (Grandfather Deceased)
Connor Lewis Sr. (Cousin)
Sir Calvin Nance
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