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Tomorrw -Now

.........# Fighting from a tidal experience

Holt john find it hard to work his way back home In the defense wings .........................

The best view to insight a mall mob was thinking you're the whole situation
Even finding a rank was so rough like the ambush encountered at red lobsters zones

Red lobsters zone was known for the signals of alerts hovering through the ears of numbered warriors

Just a minute or seconds of displaying fragility would make a scape goat.

As he rested on the piece of dashboard his thoughts drifted home

His secret girlfriend wasn't helping matters

He had foolishly planned to elope with her

When he gets to meet her at the exacts time of the red lobsters zone operation

Surprisingly for him it was at the exact location

Probably he was playing a mind game with himself

Hoping she was kidnapped and coincidentally dropped at the right timing location

He foolishly tricked the others from firing the instructions left for them

She remembered her stupid glance at him when he took her hands and whispered let's go ahead before the Akram clock rings out of time

What's that supposed to do with me she snapped fighting back his grip

He was left with surprise and shock as he annoyingly said I know ure doing this to make me feel jealous for deciding to leave with my real name

But that's a past thing I know u help me and I'm ready to help you

He didn't knew that infuriated her the more that she gave him a quick slap .

Though it met him at the unexpected hour thanks to the helmet or it could have been a wonderful slap

She was just a bit of an impressive dancer at the club years ago when she met him with his group of friends ...........................

Shaira as everyone formerly called her until her parent sided with a loan shark dealer which was unfortunate for them as they both lost their life in an accident .

Don't be a good bill her madam told her if she would be hoping to stay solid in the business.

Probably he was watching on her next tag of questions

Maybe he was waiting for her to ask him why he had helped her ?

If only he had met her before his childhood friend he would be willing to do anything for her

He ranked his brain as he poured cold ice on the wrist she injured while insisting on escaping with him

She definitely knew he was going to be there to save him but she didn't knew he had grown to be so bold in standing on his move

Not like when she had knew him before

Drinking bottles wasn't his type

He only played the pay boy ....this attracted her in finding who he really was until she was tempted to remove his wallet from his back pocket

She was going to get a back up but she remembered she didn't have enough credit to keep one

Even her madam wasn't helping matters

His grip was like before

He hadn't changed a bit in his martial skills

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